My Lotus Experience

 The Lotus Experiences that I'm working on this year.

30.   Knit a sweater for myself.
37.  Join a mycological society and learn about mushrooms
75.   Make a quilt from my daughter's baby blankets
77.   Bake an apple pie
97.   See the Perseid Meteor Shower
102.    View the Northern Lights
25.   Learn the constellations
85.   See moose #3. 


The Lotus Experience


1.     Hike to Horseshoe Canyon with the Baby Lotus Bud.

2.     Knit a sweater for the Lotus Bud. -- completed October 2013; It looks great!

3.     Travel to Mussoorie (where I went to high school) with the Big D and the Baby Lotus Bud.

4.     Boat and camp in the Apostle Islands, WI.

5.     Hang prayer flags, again. -- completed July 2015

6.     Rent a van and travel all around Iceland

7.     Walk the entire Superior Hiking Trail.

8.     Taste 50 whiskeys.

9,     Join a book club.  -- started my own with a good friend, May 2013

10.   Grill a pizza. -- Turned this into cook pizza in cob oven, completed June 2015

11.   Ice Skate on Lake Superior  -- actually did this February 2007, would like to do again.

12.   Get a large tattoo on my back: a bunch of ravens in a tree.

13.   Build a bathhouse at the trailer. - getting there. We've got a shower!

14.   Visit every state in the U.S.

15.   Knit a blanket.

16.   Knit a doll for the Baby Lotus Bud. -- completed February 2011

17.   Attend a Marley concert.

18.   Cook a whole chicken. -- completed February 2012.  After several tries, I have finally found a great recipe.

19.   Hike to Cape Flattery with the Baby Lotus Bud.

20.   Get a personal scent custom-blended in New Orleans. -- completed February 2014

21.   Sample 50 microbrews. -- Lift Bridge: Farm Girl SaisonDeschutes Brewery: Black Butte Porter;  Flat Earth Brewing Co.: Angry Plant Pale Ale;   Rogue Ales: Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale; Avery Brewing Co.: Out of Bounds StoutRogue Ales: Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout; Sasquatch Stout; Squatter's Brewery: Big Cottonwood; Third Street Brewhouse: Lost Trout Brown Ale; Crow Peak Brewing Company: Bear Butte Brown; Keweenah Brewing Company: Widow maker Black Ale; Uinta Brewing Co: Bristlecone Brown Ale; Uinta Brewing Co: King's Peak Porter;

22.  Visit Venice

23.  Take a welding class -- completed November 2015

24.   Ride a banana boat raft down the Rio Grande in Jamaica with the Baby Lotus Bud.

25.   Learn the constellations

26.   Spend a few days at a meditation center/retreat.

27.   Visit the Scupture Gardens in Minneapolis. -- completed August 31, 2010

28.   Ride horses in Montana.

29.   Spend a few days in the Badlands, SD. -- completed May 2012

30.   Knit a sweater for myself.

31.   Go charter fishing on Lake Superior.

32.   Attend the Bayfront Blues Festival.

33.   Stay at the boathouse on Vermillion with the Baby Lotus Bud.

34.   Stay at a house in Canal Park with a dock.  Bring boat.

35.   Take the Baby Lotus Bud to the Vince Shute Bear Sanctuary.

36.   Take the Baby Lotus Bud to the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN.

37.  Join a mycological society and learn about mushrooms

38.   Ski the American Birkenbeiner in Hayward, WI.

39.   Join a photo club. -- completed in 2012

40.   Go to Glacier National Park.

41.   Drive to Alaska.


43.   Hike around Devil's Tower -- completed May 2012

44.   Do T'ai Chi on a beach.

45.   Shoot an image of lightening.

46.   Drive all the way around Lake Superior.

47.   Go dog-sledding.

48.   View an inukshuk in the Arctic Circle.


50.   Learn how to bake bread. -- completed January 2012

51.   Catch my own fish to eat.

52.   Learn how to play a Native flute.

53.   Camp at Isle Royale.


55.    Ice skate at the Depot --  completed January 2013

56.   Float down the Nile.

57.   Chop a cord of wood.

58.   Drive a boat from Minneapolis to New Orleans; ride the Mississippi.

59.   Teach a Community Ed Class on Handmade Journals

60.   Host a Clematis Bloom Party

61.   Begin meditation practice. -- started March 2014

62.   Build a treehouse.

63.   Attend the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

64.   Hike to the top of Oberg Mountain, again. -- completed November 24, 2010

65.   Hike to the Delicate Arch near Moab, Utah.

66.   Drink tea the Tip Top Tea Shop in the Sisters Bazaar, Mussoorie, India.

67.   Buy live crab in the Park Place Market in Seattle and cook them myself.

68.   Get my hands henna-ed -- completed December 2009


70.   Take the Jeep on the White Rim Trail near Moab, Utah.

71.   Freeze a bunch of local vegetables. -- completed October 2011

72.   Put the boat in at Grand Marais harbor.

73.   Tour a coffee farm in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

74.   Witness lava flowing from a volcano.

75.   Make a quilt from my daughter's baby blankets


77.   Bake an apple pie.

78.   Make a pumpkin pie from scratch using a sugar pumpkin, again.

79.   Buy cowboy boots in Texas. -- completed June 2013

80.   Attend a rodeo.

81.   Attend a lecture given by the Dalai Lama.

82.   Eat giant chana puri in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

83.   Memorize a poem (+4)

84.   Shoot a waterfall on the North Shore.

85.   See moose #3.

86.   See bear #18. -- completed June 2016 on the summer soltice

87.   Visit every museum on the Hennepin County Museum Adventure Pass. --  Walker Art Center; Como Park Zoo and Conservatory; Minneapolis Institute of Arts; The Museum of Russian Art; The American Swedish Museum; The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary; The Weisman Art Museum; Minnesota Zoo

88.   Assist in building a log cabin.

89.   Cross country ski the Sisters Farm Trail.

90.   Cross country ski the Washington Trail on the Gunflint Trail.

91.   Stay in a winter cabin where I can ski out the front door.

92.   Go on a canoe camping trip.

93.   Kayak on Lake Superior, Copper Harbor Bay.

94.   Make kitchen curtains. -- completed in July 2012


96.   Play my flute in the Himalaya Mountain, again.

97.   See the Perseid Meteor Shower.

98.   Stand under a waterfall.

99.   Stay on a houseboat in Amsterdam.

100.    Go on a big sailing boat - learn a bit about sailing. - completed June 2016, not a big sailboat but sailing nonetheless.

101.    Learn how to tie 10 knots or learn braiding techniques. - see  here for the first sailing knot

102.    View the Northern Lights.

103.    Swim in the Glenwood Springs Yampah Spring pool.  --  completed November 25, 2013

104.    Photograph a Minneapolis Alphabet.

105.    Show some of my photographic work at the F-Stop Group at the Minnesota Photo Center. -- completed November 8, 3013

106.    Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. -- completed December 2010

107.    Taste 100 apples: Honeycrisp, Fuji, Sweet 16, Spitsenberg, Sundowner, Pink Lady, Braeburn,Pristine; Jonagold; Zestar; Gala; Empire; Pink Pearl; Rome; Opal;
Envy; Smitten; Pacific Rose


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