Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

W is for WHY?!

Tell me why would someone do this?

For over fifteen years we have been walking this trail through the local city park. Can't even imagine how long this rock has been sitting here in this spot. Could have been moved there after they leveled the trees. Or it could have been there even longer, from the time it was surrounded by the large oak trees that used to fill this area. Now it is forever marked by green spray paint, at least they used green. The marks go all the way around the rock.

What could be used to wash this away? When the garages get hit in the neighborhood, the owners paint over the marks and hope that the taggers don't return. But, here, with this rock, there is no way to paint over the desecration.

Nature seems to have created her own marks in the shape of letters. This W is in brown.

Strange how my questions about the marks stay the same. Who or what could have done this? Was it some bug burrowing under the bark? Does it reflect growth of the tree or a pattern of decay? The answers to these questions are far more interesting to think about.

This log was laying just a foot away from the "W log".

Such a crazy pattern. It almost seems like the work of wood carving.

Pulling in a little closer, I get the sense of crop circles. The sort of thing that gains meaning when looking down on the total design.

Pulling in closer yet, I start to see shapes that remind me of petroglyphs found in Southeastern Utah.

After spending considerable time with my camera pointed to the ground, I decided to take a look at what was up above me.

I don't remember seeing the wasp nest this past summer. It hangs right up above the paved walking path. In February the only part of the nest that remains is the top part attached to the tree branch. There was such geometric perfection inside the nest walls.