Thursday, July 24, 2014

for kids of all ages


Do you have a friend who is in the know of all the cool things to do around the city? I do and I'm so glad she and her daughter are in our lives! She suggested Grey Fox Pottery and while I knew I would like it I didn't anticipate loving the experience.

We had a mini heat wave here in Minnesota so this was the perfect indoor activity. Never mind that when we got there the A/C wasn't on because soon they turned it on and it became the sort of cool that I like - not frigid cold, just cool enough to take the edge off.

I'm so grateful to be in that phase of my life where I can wander the shelves of unfinished pottery and choose whatever I like and not worry (too much) about the price. 

I chose a little bud vase and this brush caddy. Towards the end, I did try the bubble technique that shown in the finished yellowish caddy. I chose to do blue on the inside and I can't wait to see it!

Lotus Bud chose a heart box and a little fairy which will be fused on. So cute! The girls did great. I feared they would tear through the painting going from one item to the other, but they both made good choices and stuck with them. When they were done, they were done. There were no broken pieces, no crazy energy that had them running around the store. So we Mamas were able to finish our larger pieces.

In fact the girls did great! They were focused on their painting, they were delicate with their technique. We all left with a sense of accomplishment!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

to the rescue!

Dave and I have been thinking about how to be our "better selves." One thing is to just get up earlier on the weekends. I am ashamed to say that there are mornings where the little Lotus Bud is up coloring and playing with legos while we try to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Old habits from our child-free days are hard to break!

So on our last day in the woods we decided to head out early on the boat instead of packing up and leaving for city right away. It was yet another good decision. The weather was warm but the river was cool. While we had made the decision to bathe in the river, neither of us were prepared to get in the cold water so quickly. Lotus Bud had different ideas and she made the decision inevitable by releasing her hot pick noodle into the river. Dave had no choice but to jump in for the rescue.

What was I doing? I'll have you know that I did make a valiant (!) effort to hook it with my fishing line. It was quite cast that brought about joyful cheers. I did successfully hook it but then I tugged a little too hard and the hook came loose. In the meantime the noodle rode the current further away from us.


You'll note that I am not in the water. I'm dry and warm in the boat looking down at my floating ducks.

I did get in just ten minutes later. But I made the choice for myself.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

experimental daisy


This is a project I've been wanting to do for quite a while with the Lotus Bud. We put blue food coloring into a glass of water and added flowers. It worked! It took a while but still it was a delight to see the petals take on a blue tinge. We also did it with purple but that didn't work. The strange thing is that some of those daisies pulled the blue out of the color combo. Interesting, yes? Yes!

I got the idea here. And it was a good one. The only thing is that this project just took a few minutes. I'm seeking projects that keep the both of us occupied for much longer.

Also, I'm trying to think of things that we wouldn't ordinarily do in the city. We are considering building a fort for the little one. Dave mentioned something about adding a swing and I found myself being totally opposed to that idea. I don't want to build her a playground because I adamantly believe that the woods should be her playground! Besides there are playgrounds nearby. In fact we took the boat to a campground to pick up some more water from the pump and right next to it was a small playground so she got a bit of that experience. I think her imagination will soar if given the opportunity to be creative out in the woods. That's how I grew up. No crayons or playgrounds in my early childhood. I had to entertain myself and I was lucky enough to grow up in a area where I had some woods and a creek to explore.

I don't like the idea of having to constantly entertain my child. Sure if it's little science projects like getting flowers to drink blue water, I'll do it. But I despise taking my child to a city playground. I would much rather take her to a park near a lake and let her run, find feathers, splash in the water. I want to her to explore the world on her own terms and not be dependent on stuff that's been made for her.

That's just how I am.

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pretty flying things


The four days away from the city were really quite good. We made the decision late Wednesday night and left later the next day. It was a much needed rupture from the city routine. I felt like we flew out to Wisconsin not unlike these pretty flying things.

We made the right decision, taking off like we did. The mosquitoes have let up, the ticks are mostly gone, no neighbors on our desolate dirt road. I didn't check my email at all! I didn't realize how much we needed this until we got there. There was a bit of time morph because the trailer clock wasn't set when we got there and it came on two hours later than the actual time. The kiddo was in bed and we were sitting by the fire at 9pm, not 11pm.

I had an acute moment sitting by the fire. There was "total silence" in the woods. The wind in the tops of the trees (in my journal I noted that I almost said "seas" as that closely resembles the sound of the wind in the trees), the crackle of the fire all added to the experience. It was in that moment I realized this was the absolute best decision. If we had planned, I would have been looking forward to getting away too much. The initial experience of getting out to the woods wouldn't bring the same relief as the spontaneous experience. This was unexpected and not in least jarring. Blissfully jarring. Total rupture led to a sort of rapture. A rapture of love and amazement of all that we have created for ourselves and all that was created by nature. Such perfection.

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I don't know what this is. Is it a fungus? Is it a flower? Is it a fungus flower?

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turtle eggs?


These are right out of my nightmares. I imagine alien critters that bite and swallow us in our sleep. It wasn't until I came home and did some research on the internet, that I found these could be turtle eggs. So I'm going with that. Turtle eggs! I wish now that I had brought them home to get a better, closer look at them.

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a collection of mid-July wildflowers


The wildflowers are in such bright colors these days. Huge swatches of yellow and giant pokes of purple. Combine all these with the tops of grasses and you get all the glory of July. I love grass seed heads, a rare sight in the city.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

river goodness


Late last night, D and I decided to head to the river. This morning he got the time off and I rescheduled my meetings. I had a brief moment of stress thinking of all that needs to get done before heading out of town. Then I saw this photo which reminded me of all the good things that await us in the woods and on the river Flambeau.

Off we go!!!

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