Monday, September 1, 2014

returned home with some eggs


These are farm fresh eggs from Maple Hill Farm. I asked the farmer why he didn't have green eggs in these dozen packs like the ones he had at his farmers market stand. He said that while he does have many on his farm, those chickens are too wily and wild. They totally lay their eggs free-range style in secret spots which are abandoned when discovered. The biggest tip off that their spot has been discovered? Well pilfered eggs, of course.

The holiday retreat to the trailer in the woods was nearly a complete wash-out. But we did find a dry day to canoe and a cloudy drizzly morning in the farmers market. So many memories and I'll be thinking about it all each time I peel one of these eggs in the morning. Maybe I should think about adding a new morning gratitude ritual and this I bet, is an easy way to start. I returned home with eggs and I also brought along a lot worthy of gratitude.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

blue skies review


The Eloise Bulter Wildfower Garden is the place where I captured one of my favorite images. This image was part of my 28 days project. While visiting the Garden this last month, I was very conscious of trying to find a similar photo opportunity.

My goal was to capture 28 days of season change in Minnesota. It was the first major goal I accomplished after having a baby. I feel proud of myself as I read through the conclusions and lessons I learned throughout the project.

Some of those thoughts that were posted make me feel naive and vulnerable, yet I'm so glad I recorded those thoughts. Just as I able to freeze 28 moments in Autumn, similarly I managed to freeze a phase in early motherhood. It is obvious that I'm searching for myself and finding things and then, in turn justifying the small things I know about myself. What a confusing time.

It seems to me that the 28 day project was therapeutic for me, a vital process that ushered in the current phase of my life which is full of love and prosperity, full of new goals and confidence.

Dear Manisha - you've come a long way!
                      Love, me (aka Moogy)

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

splendor in the grass

This was my first time visiting the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in the full bloom of summer. I've never seen the foliage around the path so high, many feet taller than myself. The paths were narrow and with every step I brushed up against the flowers and grasses. The girls quickly became unseen but I could hear them. I didn't need a visual to know that they were enjoying themselves.


Thanks, Eloise! Your garden sure is grand!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

a full spectrum of color


A sampling of wildflowers found at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

differing opinions about ice cream


I call it a chocolate ice cream shake. She calls it water ice cream.

P.S. we are off to the trailer so I've scheduled some photos while away because I don't want to fall behind.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

back to the state fair

I never thought we'd be the parents who would indulge their child in this manner. I never thought we'd be the family that would visit the MN state Fair twice in one season. Usually we are a once every other year family but exceptions always need to be made when there is a child involved.

This time around it was all about the rides.

It's heartbreaking to realize how much my kid has grown. My heart clenches up when I imagine her on the puppy roller coaster all by herself. My heart clenches because I think one of us should have been on that ride with her - it was moving too fast for photos. She is so daring, so brave. Her smile never once quit on that fast ride.

It is mind-boggling to realize that the kiddie rides are too slow and too tame for her already.

I don't understand this heart clenching I'm feeling as I look through these photos. I only know that it is the most glorious and the most painful feeling today.

My brave, bright, beautiful girl. My love.

We began the day on the big ferris wheel.

I didn't have a panic attack which was totally awesome.

We arrived at the Fair crabby and bickering. While the ferris wheel did snap us out of our foul moods, we quickly returned to the bickering and I realized that we don't know how to interact with each other in the city. We don't do much together as a family in the city and all three of our personalities are drawing us into disparate directons.

Ice cream focused us on togetherness especially since we had to huddle together to share the cup.

Sitting in the sky ride helped us focus on togetherness. But, damn, we look old(er).

My man with cream puff all over his beard.


My love.

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another sign of Autumn

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Iron Craft - Blue Ribbon Worthy

Iron Craft challenge #17 is to create a project that could be entered for a competition in the MN State Fair. While this one isn't really blue ribbon worthy, the task was good for me in two respects.

1. I looked up the competition categories and found book-making which put all kinds of ideas into my brain about next year.

2. I'm forever getting lost in my knitting. This year is all about taking good notes at the end of each knitting session so making a book would be handy.

I chose the ledger because it would be easy and simple. I thought about doing this project late Saturday night after some beers so easy and simple was all that I could manage at the time.

I realized I need a new paper cutter because mine is crap. I don't think that sharpening it would help one bit but I suppose I should do that first before buying another.

And with the focus on easy and simple, I fell into a lazy mode and opted to punch these holes which I didn't like at all, but it's done and I've got to live with it.

I rummaged around in Lotus Bud's bead collections to find ones that would work. That's the part of this project I liked the best.

I have plans to do another when time becomes available. My focus this time around was to have something practical and something completed. And that I did manage to do.

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