Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Opal Apples

I guess I haven't gone through all the apples that appear in the Midwest stores. This Opal apple was grown in the state of Washington and I found it in my local conventional grocery store. It was crisp and tasty. I was surprised by how juicy it was. Apparently it was first discovered in Europe in 1999. It's only been growing in the US since 2010 so I guess the apply variety's availability is about as old as my daughter. I bought two yesterday and I'm glad I did because when I went for my snack, one was missing. D probably grabbed it on his way to work this morning. At least he left me one.


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Monday, December 15, 2014

green glass


I'm making a huge effort to declutter and get the house clean before the new year. I do it in spurts and yesterday, the effort revealed that I have a lot of green bowls. I can't even remember why I bought them and I know I haven't used them in years. They just sit in my kitchen cupboards taking up space. So out they go. But now I have to decide whether I want to craig's list them or just donate them to the thrift store. I'm guessing I'll go with the easy route of thrifting them (plus I'll get a 20% off coupon so that I can pick up more junk).

I see these numbers counting the days down to the end of the year and the end of the 365 photo project. I keep having these moments of uncertainty where I think I might (just maybe) want to continue for another year. But then I think of that time when my old roommate, Kevin, asked if we could look for an apartment together just weeks after we decided to get our own pads. And while I thought about that for a day or two, I decided I couldn't do it. Best decision in my twenties. Yah, this project has finally come to that point where I'm thinking thoughts similar to how I can ditch my old roommate. Ugh.

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the tree lot

We couldn't have picked a better day to get our Christmas tree. The day was warm and foggy. We started with rules and I ended up breaking all the rules when we got to the trees.

Last year's tree was way too big, big enough that it got us thinking about a fake tree, but I'm in no mood to pay full price for something that is going to slashed in price in just a couple of weeks. So we tried a different tree lot this year and we hit the jackpot! The tree lot attendant was really nice, helping us sift through all the available trees, pointing us towards narrow ones. We wanted something as tall as Daddy, but not as wide as Moog. ;)

I almost got us to get a taller one but our tree made itself known and then the decision was clear. Any bigger and it wouldn't have fit into the Jeep.


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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa "creep" Clause


Ever since she was a baby, the little one has had no interest in this guy with the creepy red suit and the creepy white beard. Even now when she knows it's just some guy in a costume. But she gave it a try. Her requests for Christmas never came out so I indicated that I would phone him a little later next week.

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Friday, December 12, 2014



Morning meeting at Maeve's today. While the person that I was meeting with was in the loo, I decided to take some photos with the phone. I realized I never would have noticed the checkerboard floor if I hadn't been fooling around with these photos. I was so caught up with trying to capture an image of myself that the floor escaped my notice.

Does the photo have a greenish tint to it? Well that's just because the world today is trying to complement my outfit which happens to fit this color scheme perfectly. Not that you can really tell by this photo. Just trust me on that.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

gray day and ramblings about names


It is a gray day here in Minnesota. Or is it proper to write "grey" instead? I don't know and I don't even know if it matters. All I know is that the day is gloomy, warmer -yes, but damp and gloomy. So I'm going to gaze upon these tiny little purple flowers I found in Negro Bill Canyon, Moab.

On a related matter, I think you can guess that the canyon had a far more derogatory name in the past. And while I appreciate that they changed it and yet kept it similar enough in the effort to preserve the fact that one of the original settlers in the area was a person of color of African American descent, I'm not sure yet how I feel about the canyon name. Surely it is one of the most beautiful canyons in the area that is totally accessible for children (even if the hike through the canyon is long, we didn't make it to to the arch) but the name always rubs me the wrong way. One of the other canyons nearby is called "jackass canyon." Dave always claims that's the one that was named after him.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Autumn on a Moab road

Day 1: Moab. So we're riding on this fine smooth road and I get blown away by the colors.

I had never been here in the Autumn when there wasn't already snow in the area.

And these colors! My god, these colors could only be painted by a higher deity. God. Goddess. Krishna. Laxsmi. The Source. Whoever it was did a mighty fine job.

At one point I thought I was hallucinating because the colors were so very vibrant. The setting - dramatic as all get out.

Finally, my patience at its end, I turned to the Big D and said - pull the eff over for god's sake. I need to see what's creating all this color.


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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

engineer or architect


He grandpa would say there's an engineer in the little girl. I tend to think there is an architect in there somewhere. I think one of the best things we did for the little one was to build her a table and load it with scraps of woods leftover from building projects and chopped firewood. She uses her imagination to build fairy castles and she gets firsthand knowledge of things such as balance and gravity. Granted this wasn't done all on her own, but it is her vision behind such creations.

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