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alone in the woods

Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mother give birth to them...Life obliges them, over and over again to give birth to themselves.
--Gabriel Garcia Marquez

When I left the city, I felt hopeful. The sky seemed like a far-off limit. The damp definitely not a deterrent. I left behind my family and my home. I picked up hummus with a layer of olive tapenade. My family does not like olives so this seemed like a symbolic treat for me. I was going to arrive and relax, immerse myself in the woodland region. I would have the sound of birds and the peepers to myself. I could do what I wanted when I wanted and my plan was to do a whole heck of a lot in one night away in the woods. I hadn't felt this free in a very long time.

Of course I had a few mishaps. I didn't have the keys to turn on the power. After a few phone calls to the man who gave me the wrong keys and a quick trip back into to town for a bolt-cutter rental I was back on track. A friendly interaction w…

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