Saturday, October 18, 2014

airstream in the fall


We off to our woodland retreat today. But today is gray and cold, not the bright colors of last weekend. Neighbors say that our area is not visible from the road in the height of summer. All that changes as the leaves fall. So many changes coming. The Autumn leaves keep falling and winter is lurking.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

getting lost in the corn maze is the whole point, right?

Right. And that's why they give you a "map" so that you don't think you can get lost too much but still have the thrill of getting lost. This corn maze was spread over 8 acres of corn and the owner said that if we ended up in each dead end we would walk over 2 1/2 miles.

It all started out pleasant enough. My little child of the corn was so impatient and insistent on walking through the corn maze. We had time to waste before our dinner plans and so we took off in the short little rows of corn.

I'd never noticed this sort of color in corn stalks before. She was picking up corn husks and hair declaring them for craft projects back home in the city. D led us to one or two dead ends and we laughed it off.

But then the corn rows started to get taller and voices of other families in the maze become more distant yet decidedly more frustrated as they encountered dead end after dead end. D insisted that we not cheat and asked me to hand over the map. I kept thinking "teams must now make their way through the maze in order to reach the final leg of this race." You know? From back in the days of the Amazing Race?

The Lotus Bud got tired and suddenly she didn't want to do this corn maze anymore. Not knowing how much further we had to go, neither one of us parents wanted to give into her demands of being carried the rest of the way. All the collected corn husk and corn hair got discarded in a grouchy huff.

Slowly but surely we made our way around the little pond. At this point I was desperately trying to keep landscape markers in sight just to feel assured that we were making progress. But the corn kept getting taller and the maze become frightful in a delightful way.

Not to mention more beautiful with every new row. The sun was making it's way down the sky.

  The temps got just slightly more chilly. The tall rows of corn kept the wind away from us.

The photo above and below is one taken from looking straight up. Yes, I'm short but my goodness, this corn was tall. The other families passed us by (with a little cheating) and we all felt relief when one or the other shouted back that they had found the exit.

And eventually so did we. For the record, she didn't climb on daddy's back until after we went through the exit.

How surprising it was to realize we had only been in the maze for about 40 minutes. We worked up a decent hunger for an early dinner.

We made a good team. And that afternoon we all won!


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

it's the great pumpkin!


Another glorious Autumn day when the temps rose into the 70s and the day's plan took us to the greatest pumpkin farm in the midwest!

Acres and acres of pumpkins.

Some big and plump.

Others small and petite.

Acres of weeds and bramble and orange harvest.

Acres of pumpkins with a corn maze nearby. A corn maze where we were splendidly lost but that's a story for another day.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

beautiful Autumn


We are so blessed this year! Autumn has been spectacular with all the bright colors and bright blue skies. The temps are mild and the sun is shining. I can't remember ever having such a beautiful season.

I couldn't choose one photo today because each one has a little something extra to offer.

I don't even feel that despair of trying to capture it all. It's not possible and fretting about it just draws attention away from all that is glorious about Autumn.

Each week I think I've had my peak experience and then along comes another one of these days.

The trees around the city have been taking their own sweet time to fill with color.

I am surrounded by the perfection of nature.

Minnesota deserves all this beauty. Of course winter is just around the corner and I believe reveling in this Autumn is the best preparation for the upcoming change.

Autumn at it's best!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

my own diy

A good friend of mine was sharing with me her frustrations with Pinterist. She feels that it unnecessarily raises the bar for dyi projects. But then she is an artist and everything she does is beyond my skill level. Perhaps she doesn't need the inspiration but I certainly do!

With all the building that Dave has been doing lately, I felt that my time at the woodland retreat should exceed simple dish-washing in the outdoors and cooking on an open fire. Don't get me wrong because that does take some skill and know-how but it's not all that fulfilling. I felt that some of what we already have needed some pretty-ing up. So I turned to my own pins for ideas and settled upon this painting technique for our little wooden tables set out by the firepit.

The process was fun but a little bit terrifying. See that bright blue? Goodness I really needed to keep the faith because the blue was way too bright! I kept getting dirty looks from my husband, but my daughter had a blast helping me paint. She probably helped a little too much because we ended up putting on more paint than I intended (and getting paint all over our clothes). But in the end, who cares? It was fun and satisfying!

The dark stain I used for the top layer really toned down the bright blues and greens. I love the final results and now I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to paint next.

I loved how rustic and worn it looks. It adds just a little bit of color but keeps the feel of our woodland retreat.

Excuse while I go give myself a high-five!


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firewood rack


Each Autumn the work out at our woodland property is focused on gathering wood for the winter. Usually we are culling dead trees or chopping up fallen ones. We've cleared a large portion of dead ones on our property and are now waiting for other trees to fall. There is an especially big one out there but the Big D is hesitant to down it because it could horribly wrong. So we are waiting for the wind to knock it over.

In the meantime, Dave decided he needed a new firewood rack. I found this tutorial online and he got to work. I helped a little bit, mostly with holding things in place as he put it together.

Can you tell how happy he is to have this done?! It was a major boost for both us. Now building a fort and a shed seem totally do-able.

I love that my man is handy and handsome. And I love the ideas that go through this mind that manifest in these projects!

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the best of Autumn


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past peak


Last weekend was full of more gorgeous Autumn days. It is our favorite time to be in the woods. The colors are supposedly past peak but there were still leaves on the trees. The skies were clear each  night, full of stars and twinkling bright. It was chilly but we built a large fire and managed to stay out past midnight.

I am super busy right now but getting away for the weekend makes all the rest of the days a little easier to manage.

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