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Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.


Starting a Journaling Practice?

  To start, buy yourself a journal or make one. It can be either lined or unlined depending on your preference. I like an unlined journal because it allows me to szie my writing to my mood. I can write large if the topic demands it, or small to fit in all the detail. A lined journal can help you feel a sense of order and structure which is very soothing if you feel your thoughts are jumbled and all over the place. Choose a soft covered journal if you want to be scrappy and carry it around with you. OR choose one with a hard cover if you prefer something sturdy. The choice is yours, don’t hesitate to switch it up until you find what works for you. The right pen can make all the difference in your journaling practice. Find it. It could be blue ink or black. Or perhaps you choose brighter colors to suit your mood for the day. My preferred pen is a needlepoint gel point with blue ink. Recently I tried to switch to black ink but the words froze up within me. I just picked up my blue

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