About Me

Greetings from the Midwest and the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. My name is Manisha and this is space where I learn to write. I also make some photos , I knit occasionally, I take time to cultivate a little bit of courage and I take note of the lovely ordinary parts of my day. Lately I've been thinking there is a sasquatch living near our woodland retreat.

I live in Northeast Minneapolis which really is one the best neighborhoods in the US. This place has great art, great food, and a great diversity of working class and immigrant communities within one city neighborhood. It's where the Big D grew up and it's where we want to raise our daughter.

I'm in my fourth decade just realizing that I'm now starting to live the life I want filled with kindergarten chaos, local organic food, weekends in the woods, and loads & loads of books from the city library.

Sit a spell and let's count the random blessings in life.

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