Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

She's back!

We woke at sunrise to the sounds of a duck apparently having an identity crisis. The noise was loud and right outside our bedroom window. It was so loud that eventually I had to get up and take a look. Expecting to see the duck on the ground, I was surprised to see it on the roof of our neighbor's house. I crept through the house to grab my camera so that I could capture this odd sight so early in the morning.

Yep, she's back for another season. Last year while we were away at our trailer, our other neighbor saw a bunch of little baby duckies fall from the huge backyard elm tree. She, the neighbor, watched as they came together and made their way to the river. Um, the river is several miles away! So these little ducklings with their mama had to cross several busy streets on their way to the Mississippi.

Looks like she back and scoping out another nesting spot in our tree.

She didn't quit with all her honking and yapping. And I was surprised she didn't wake the entire neighborhood. But then, most people have their windows closed as the temps still go down close to freezing at night. I am so happy that we decided to leave our bedroom window open last night. She's a great alarm clock, but I seriously hope she doesn't plan to make all this noise every morning.

After the sun rose, the duck moved to our rooftop. All the neighbors leaving for work took a few minutes to gaze at the loud, ducky assessment of the future home site.

She knew I was watching as I walked around the house to catch a few more shots. Pacing back and forth on the very tip of our roof, she seemed to be debating location, location, location.