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Lots of salads!

Lots and lots of salad being eaten around here. I still have a whole lot of greens left from last week's box and I'm trying not to panic. A whole box is really too big for a 2 person household, especially early in the season when the bulk of the box is filled with greens.

So, I'm going to do a little recap to assess what I used and what is left to be used by...tomorrow.

Asparagus: Steamed these up right away on the night I got the CSA box.

Green garlic: Chopped these up for a marinade for chicken. It was a honey teriyaki baked chicken and the sauce contained rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, green garlic...I think that's it for ingredients.

Egyptian Walking onion: Fun! I used these the same as I would for scallions. Can't remember right now which recipe or meal that they were used in. Isn't it strange that I can't remember what i cooked just last Thursday. Oh wait! Just remembered: I chopped up these egyptian walking onions and put them on Friday night's pizza.

Parsnip: I left these in the swap box. I hope someone got to enjoy them!

Sunchoke: Haven't cooked these yet. Considering HVF suggestion of baking them into a gratin.

Spinach: I had planned to have a spinach salad but I'm still working through the salad mix.

Spring radish: Yummy! I was hoping to have these available for two salads, but hubby started eating them off the cutting board, so i ended up slicing the whole batch.

Salad mix or Arugula: Lots and lots of salad with some pretty purple flowers mixed in!

Rhubarb: Chopped it up and froze it for later use in a crisp.

Sauté Mix: Haven't gotten to these greens yet. These may end up in the compost bin. For shame!!!

Ramps: HVF claims this is the last week for ramps until next spring. I haven't cooked them up yet mainly because last week's risotto was such a disaster. I'm skittish with trying something again if the last time it was prepared was not so good. I have to get over that.

Garden Herb Packs: Yah! Basil plants! I put these in a pot on my back step, the door closest to my kitchen.

Memorial Day weekend really through me off. I forgot all the greens in the city. I had lots of berries but not any green stuff. I have a lot of catching up to do!


  1. Excellent post and pictures! I'm feeling the same way about my Harmony Valley box (I'm picking it up tonight). Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks, Lee! I have a pick up today, too! And am steadily getting over my panic with a dinner party in mind - a change to cook up all those greens!


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