Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

May 7: Box #1

The CSA boxes are delivered to a house in my neighborhood. Very, very convenient!!! The process for picking up the box is really easy. You go to the designated house with a bag and check off your name from the list. Pick a box, then empty the contents into your bag, grab a newsletter and you're done. Timing can be tricky. Sometimes when I show up there are a ton of people, so it can crowded in the porch, but then it's nice to meet fellow CSA members.

There is a range of time for pick up and I tend to go early. If I don't go at this time, there is a strange, but strong chance that I will forget. Sometimes, I wait for my hubby to come home from work and we will walk over to get the CSA box. Yesterday I went early and was surprised to see that most of the boxes had already been picked up. I think there are 50 members at this location. It was exciting to see that the shares sold out in the Twin Cities area!

The choice this week was dogwoods or willow branches. I picked the bright dogwood. It was a tough choice.

About choices: I can be frustratingly indecisive. The CSA helps me with this annoying trait of mine. I like that I don't have a choice with what shows up in the box. I just take what's packed in the box so one level of decisions are done. Choosing what to do with the vegetables is the fun side of decision-making.

There is rhubarb down under all that spinach. There were also the dreaded parsnips and the intriguing black radish.

Look at them chives!! There are a few buds in there too which are a little extra spicy.

This is going to be a weekend of good eating!