Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

sorrel, chives and a rainbow

This evening, just before sunset we had a rainbow! And then later I got the CSA newsletter through email! It's been a great end to the day. The box is going to include everything that was on the best guess list: sweet overwintered parsnips, red sunchokes, ramps, sorrel, overwintered spinach, rhubarb, burdock, chives, black radish, willow. This tip on the newsletter is really helpful:

Use first: Ramps, sorrel, chives,
spinach. The other items store
very well in the crisper drawer,
but use within a week or two for
best taste.

I've got to plan ahead because we are going to the WI trailer this weekend. I think I'll just take the burdock and the sunchokes because I can fry these easily. And I don't mind frying when I'm cooking outside.

The Big D had a business trip out to NYC last month. He returned with over two dozen bagels. I cut each one in half and then froze the whole lot. I gotta remember to make a chive cream cheese for the morning bagels. So the chives have to be split because I also want to add some to sour cream. Here's a recipe for the cream cheese:

1 block soft cream cheese
chopped chives
1 tsp garlic powder

I'm determined to enjoy the sorrel more this year. I want to try some recipes that bring out the distinctive tangy, lemon taste. It seems the best way to do that is to make some sort of drink with it. I found a Jamaican sorrel drink recipe. Hmm? Am I brave?

I have some other ideas:
Sorrel dal
Chicken with Sorrel sauce
Vegetarian sorrel tart
Sorrel Risotto
Penne with mushrooms and fresh sorrel

I am pleased with meal possibilities for next week. Thursdays seem like a good delivery date for me. Especially since we seem to spend most weekends at the trailer. This gives me time to (loosely) plan some meals. Although I do have a tiny, compact little kitchen in the trailer, it's always nice to try to cook out on the open fire. Or fry something outdoors with a dual propane stove top. If I am going to fry something I'd rather do it outside so the smell of the oil doesn't linger in all the fabrics. I'll try making some burdock chips and sunchoke fries.

That rainbow this evening had such distinct colors. It was vibrant and beautiful and one end of the arc seemed to be positioned right over the house where I pick up my CSA box. Just one more night until I get my pot of organic gold.