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CSA Box #5

Ok, so this is a little late. I was out of town all last week for my birthday. Actually, we came back into town to pick up the CSA box, then left for the trailer again on Saturday. So, now I have to catch up!

Here's a picture of last week's box. My mother was uncertain about our plans to come back to the city, so I ended up hooking up with her en route and the bonus was that we split it up immediately after picking up the box. The negotiations are always interesting me and I sure learn about where I get my habits as I watch my mother shy away from an unknown vegetable.

I gave her all the asparagus, then later read on other blogs that this week's harvest was likely the best of the season. Dang! I also gave her the one parsnip I picked up from the choice box. She took all the arugula because she loves it and I am indifferent about it. I took all the turnips because these are the things I have waiting all winter to have!

The contents of the box:
Green garlic: sliced it up and used it to start my stir-fry
Potato onions: sliced it up diagonally and used it in stir-fry
Spinach: salad
Salad mix or arugula: gave to my mother for her salad
Hon tsai tai or pea vine: stir-fry
Sweet baby broccoli: gave to my mother and regretted it as I was getting my stir-fry ingredients together.
Rhubarb: should have tossed it in the swap box because I already have a freezer load.
Asparagus: gave to my mother
Bok choi: used in stir-fry
Baby white turnips with tops: cooking tonight in a honey glaze

I made a stir-fry last night, or maybe I should call it a Thai red curry. I used many of the ingredients from this week's box. But, I feel like I cheated a little. This is a great dish for many vegetables, but I always feel like I'm taking the easy way out. I wanted to prepare a sauteed bok choy, but I didn't because of course, it was easier to stir-fry.

When we were first married the Big D thoroughly impressed me with his interest in making stir-fry. We would spend Friday evenings cooking and watching videos. He was insistent that we make some garlic bread with the stir-fry and that habit has stuck. And that is why even though I cooked a Thai red curry, I still want to call it a stir-fry. The results were yummy. I totally enjoyed the greens: the bok choy and the Hon Tsai Tai.

I have learned that the lighting in my kitchen sucks for taking pictures of my meals! Oh well, I'm working on it...