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So can you.

Rasta Road

We call this trail the Rasta Road because of what we found toward the end of the road:

We take this drive frequently because the road leads to a secluded campground on the Flambeau River. There is a water pump at this campground. We have no water on our property so when we run out of what we hauled from the city, we take drive to this pump. The water is very cold and refreshing. It smells like it's loaded with minerals, but the taste is pure and clear.

The remains of logging in the area can be jarring. Yet, it is nice to see the area start the growing process again. It's also a good area to spot birds and other wildlife.

But, soon the road leads back into the thick of the woods. In just one week it seems like the trees popped into their leafy glory, causing the road to slim and the woods to darken. We actually saw a porcupine on the side of the road, but it was too quick and sneaky to get a picture. That was a first for me -- seeing a porcupine out in the wild and it seemed to waiting to say hello on the side of the road.

The river is just wonderful here. This is place where a lot of canoers stops for the night. We had the place to ourselves on the afternoon we wandered down to get the water.

It was one of those trips where everything seemed magical with an impossible array of green color everywhere.


  1. Rasta Garden... You'll have to take me there. ;)

  2. Hey there! Absolutely! It's was wonderful surprise at the end of the road. Can't wait for you to see it!!



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