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stir-fry, sharing, and slow cookers

No picture of the bounty this week. It has been so dang hot here lately that all my usual activities seem very difficult, including just the simple act of taking a picture. The Big D and I usually like to walk to the house where we pick up our CSA, but the heat was too much yesterday. I'm surprised I cooked. But, I'm glad that I cooked because the effort was definitely worth it!

Here's a shot for my stir-fry! My mother calls it a "stir and fry." Lately, I've been finding my mother's quirky references very cute! I'm actually not sure it's a stir-fry. It's made more like a Thai curry, but it definitely has my own personal spin so I really don't know what to call it. None of that mattered when we dished up!

I loved the color that amaranth added to the meal!

The list of this week's harvest:

Red Radish
Garlic Scapes
Romaine or Red Boston Lettuce
Salad Mix or Arugula
Sugar Snap Peas
Napa or Sweetheart Cabbage
Green Top Beets

I sometimes struggle with the best way to split up the CSA box in order to share with my mother. Things like radishes and scallions can be split pretty easily. But what about that large head of lettuce or napa cabbage? Last night, I solved my problem with the cabbage. I chopped up the cabbage for the stir-fry, about half, then just placed the rest in the bag for mother's share. Easy! Ok, so this is not a big deal, but it sure made me happy to be sharing this with my mother, rather than trying to find a way to consume all the cabbage.

I get so excited about the variety that is available for the stir-fry that I always end up with too much. Another problem was solved this week. I've begun to share the left-overs of my meals with a neighbor across the street.

Like I mentioned earlier, it's hot around here! My kitchen is the hottest room in the house. When it's over 90 degrees out, the thought of turning on my oven or stove top is totally unbearable. I've turned to my slow cooker. I've always used the slow cooker for winter meals, but hadn't considered the use of it in the hot summer months. Now, i just have to find more recipes to use up all this CSA goodness.


  1. Just found your blog - nice to meet another fellow HVF CSA member! It's my first year and I've been having a blast learning about these new veggies & writing my own blog too. Very very good stuff. I'll definitely be keeping up with your posts! Now, I'm tempted to try a curry tonight... :-)

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