Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Toad Lily

This little orchid-like flower is growing in my neighbor's yard. Beautiful little thing, isn't it? She ordered it through a catalog and it graces the shady part of her yard quite nicely. What a wonderful find! I have a huge elm tree in my yard that shades the entire backyard and half the house which is great to keep the place cool in the summer, but I find it terrible difficult in terms of variety for my garden.

It blooms in the Fall which, according to the Internet, may be the reason that local garden shops do have keep it in supply. There is something about wanting to feed people's spring craze and thus, the little toad lily is relegated to obscurity.

What a surprising range of color. There is the bright purple speckles not unlike a toad and then there is the bright yellow in the middle. Many people suggest planting it near the garden's path as the bloom is so tiny it can be easily overlooked. And truly when my neighbor lead me to the back of her garden I didn't even spot it until she pointed it out.

I begged a catalog from my neighbor and will be surely buying this little toad lily for my garden next year!