Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Aster Bokeh

At the end of the block, on the corner, there is a home with an extraordinary garden. There are wonderful perennials in the backyard and a lovely vegetable garden worked into the flowers on the side of the house. In the space between the sidewalk and the street, she plants a really large number of asters. There are daisies, cosmos and sunflowers in the mix as well. September of this year was unusually dry and each day the asters got more wilted and crisp. Nonetheless, I loved them and found more character in their draught-induced decay.

I think Autumn is the perfect season to experiment with bokeh. I realize that day after day of shooting flowers can be tiresome to see and view. Right now I'm working on technique as a way to learn the operating details about my camera. I hope to soon move on to more engaging subjects.

The dry parts at the bottom of the flowers seemed like skirts to me. Or petticoats.

I recently got a new (used) camera. The following pictures are from the old camera. I see a big difference in quality and it makes me very happy to see a visible difference.

Down at the bottom of this images is that pin-cone looking decayed aster. I walk by this house twice on my daily walks. I didn't realize that this decayed flower was not a pine cone until my return trip.