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Co-op Election Day

Today my whole life could change, or, remain exactly the same as it was yesterday and the day before.

Sometime last August I got it into my head to run for the Eastside Co-op Board of Directors. It was the friendly recruiter (and Board member) in the entryway of the store that enticed me. I attended a few board meetings and was duly impressed by the level of expertise and passionate interests present. They all seemed so concerned with many of the things I am interested in. I wanted to be part of this functional, productive group that seemed to be working towards making genuine change in this world and actually making progress towards this goal.

I thought I would join up as there were four open seats. Later I found that the both the Board president and vice-president are also running which makes me very nervous about the prospect of losing these leaders on the Board. There are three other prospective Board members and myself.

I am the first person of color to run for the Board. I can't figure out if that is an advantage or disadvantage. I do know that I have never been successful at such things, thinking primarily here about student council in my younger years, but what the heck. Maybe voting members will see my candidacy as building diversity at the Co-op. And that is the primary thing that I think I can provide - making connections with the diverse communities that make up the Central Avenue Business District.

But, the Co-op is a tight community. Some of the members seems clique-ish to me and that could mean this a tough group to penetrate.

I'm going to try. And if I succeed, this could lead me into a whole new direction in my life. Wish me luck, you'all!


  1. Best of luck! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity and a great way to be involved in the community!

  2. Thanks, ladies!! As it turns out, the results of the election were not announced last night. It was a great meeting and I met a lot of great Co-op members. AND, I decided that if I don't get elected, I'm still going to participate in board activities focusing on displaying local artwork at the co-op and even perhaps starting a gallery in the vacant rental space. The food was fabulous too! All local and organic! Yum!


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