Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

The Heights

First off, let me say that if you live in the Twin Cities and haven't gone to The Heights Theater, please make this a priority in the next month. I remember going here when I was really young. There are new owners and a fabulous renovation. So good that it makes me jealous I hadn't thought of such a thing myself. And it makes me wonder why I haven't tried to buy the Hollywood Theatre that's located right here in my own hood for a similar renovation. Sure, the screen isn't as big as those gigantic new Mall theatres. But the interior is beautiful and there is even a curtain that draws back right before the movie begins. It would be such a great place for a poetry reading night or even a burlesque show. It's the interior that inspires that last comment. I just imagine beautiful women in showy, ostentatious clothing prancing around the velvet walls and crystal chandeliers. Wish I had been allowed to take my camera in to take a picture. I guess you all will have to just take a look for yourselves.

I have some new pregnancy resources that are all about finding comfort and spirituality throughout the experience. One thing that was mentioned was finding time to indulge oneself without feeling guilty about it. I decided to go to a movie. My second such solo outing since getting pregnant. And the Heights Theatre is perfect for the pregnant movie-going experience. Especially is one chooses to sit in the very back row, just mere steps away from the women's bathroom.

The first such outing was to Julie & Julia. I've read several bloggers who mention the oddity of identifying with a movie character for the first time, Julie being a blogger and all. For me, the viewing just made me hungry and inspired a renewed interest in my CSA. The theatre was filled with old folks which for some reason I wasn't anticipating, but perhaps it was for that particular movie.

As I pulled into the parking lot yesterday, just minutes before the start of the movie, I found I was the only one. This picture doesn't really show how many empty spot there were in the lot, but I do love my Jeep and I can't resist posting another picture of it's cuteness.

I thought maybe I'd be the only one in the theatre and that maybe they would cancel the viewing. As it turns out, there was another movie-goer. And, I was glad there weren't any more for how much I cried throughout the movie: The Time Traveler's Wife. I had read the book, so I was crying in parts that I imagine other non-pregnant people would not cry. It might have seemed like I was crying for no reason. I went into the bathroom immediately after the movie ended and found that my face was littered with tissue lint. Nonetheless, I achieved my goal of relaxation and indulgence, and found a fantastic place for it!