Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Week 17

Sometimes I think I should call this "Lotus in Wonderland". My walks in the neighborhood seem so psychedelic. A friend suggested that I try to capture this trippy element with my camera, but I'm not sure this can happen. Here are the images, Baby, from last week. I had to bundle us up in layers because the temps were in the 40s. Rain came in the middle of the week and the chill in the air makes me look forward to snow. Whee! Can't wait for you to meet snow!

Orange is my favorite color. I wonder if you'll like it.

Just down the street from the large Catholic church, there is this garden Buddha. I love that the flowers grown all around him.

This is one of those psychedelic moments. Just walking along, minding my own business, I glance down and suddenly there are bright yellow and black feathers. Makes me think the bird must have been a Steelers fan. Baby, did you know your Mama grew up as a Steelers fan in Indiana, PA?

The bright colors of the trees in the Fall are dazzeling.

These flowers are Steelers fans as well.

I think they put this bench on the boulevard just for me. It's in an odd place and noone ever sits there. Noone except me. And, you, of course.

Oh, goodness, Baby, by the end of the week we got snow. Everything looks different. And it just doesn't look right so early in October. The leaves are still green and hanging on the trees.

I needed just one more week to get the garden prepared for the winter. Hopefully the sun will melt everything away and keep it away for a few weeks. Otherwise, this is going to be one looong winter.