Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

The Airstream coffee shops

On one of our last trips to Moab, Utah, we decided to take our return trip through southern Colorado. We spent the night in Cortez, then spent the next morning at Mesa Verde National Park near Durango, Co. On our way into Cortez we passed the Silver Bean Coffee Shop. If I remember this right, there were at least two locations for this coffee shop marked with an Airstream. What a wonderful idea!

We returned the next morning but a little too early. Neither of the coffee shops were open for business and since we were on a schedule and not wanting to pass up Mesa Verde, we moved on without coffee.

It was fun driving around the Airstream.

There seemed to be a whole lot of little coffee shops like this in southern Colorado, occupying the corner of a parking lot or in a crumbling little lot of its own. I didn't quite get it down right. I didn't know how to order the right amount of cream and sugar. Well, the sugar was easy enough, but there always seemed to be too much cream. Certainly, there are a number of coffee shops with drive-thrus here in MN. I just always go inside as there is often a seating area as well.

These my memories of southern Colorado: cute little drive-thru coffee shops and wonderful local breweries eager to send you along your way with a full growler. Yum.