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Annona Gourmet and squash bread

I have such interesting experiences when I head into Annona Gourmet. The first time I was in there I did shots of olive oil. Who knew you could do such things. This time I did some shots of flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar blends. I needed olive oil and I really like the idea of being able to refill my bottle every time I need to buy more. I also get a 50 cent discount when I bring in the bottle. I purchased Arbequina which apparently is just fine for cooking but also great on vegetables. I only tried a couple this time and remember thinking this one had a clean, light finish on it and yet, still full of flavor. It's pictured here on the left. The larger bottle on the right side is the black cherry balsamic vinegar I bought last time.

I couldn't get out of the store without trying out something else. The minute we walked in we were handed a sample of a rice blend which of course, I ended up buying. I tell people I have to stop sampling because inevitably I'll buy whatever I like. Of course, that doesn't stop anyone from handing me more.

This visit's spectacular find was a blend of lime olive oil and coconut balsamic vinegar. Ok, everybody now...put your lime in the coconut...oh, never mind....here, just look at the two little bottles in the middle of this great line-up.

It was suggested that we cook shrimp in this blend. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm heading to coastal seafood right now...right freaking now...to get some shrimp.

We also tried a blood orange olive oil and black currant vinegar which was mouth-wateringly gooooood. Going to buy those two next time. Hey! I just realized I did good. I didn't buy everything that tasted wonderful. Must have been the Big D's steadfast influence on my side.

The owner of this fabulous store suggested we might need some bread. Hah! I already had plans to make bread that afternoon and so, I did. Whoo-hoo! My first loaf of bread. It was a squash braid.

I did good! Can you tell I'm excited! Ok. Gotta run and get my shrimp! Bye.


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