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Down by the River

Last night we met some friends down by the river. We always have fun when we hang out with this couple and it was great to be out for dinner. This is a shot of the streetlamps right outside the restaurant. I love the rustic, old cobblestones that line the street that runs right along the Mississippi River.

DE (the man in this couple) is a photographer and our plan was to shoot some nighttime images of the city after dinner. Unfortunately his camera batteries were dead, but that worked out great for me as he was able to focus on giving me tips. But, oops, I hadn't read my manual well enough to know which setting I needed to control the shutter speed. This morning I re-read my manual and discovered that it was one setting that I hadn't thought to try last night: bulb. Who would thought it would be "bulb"? Anyway, it turned out OK because I was shooting with my tripod which allowed for some incredible shots. I'll be posting these images over the next few days.


  1. My camera is just not the best for these low light shots, my husbands panasonic on the other hand is amazing so at least one of us gets good shots


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