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So can you.

Knitting Therapy

Saturday was a much better day, a pleasant day in lower Northeast. Spent the afternoon at my favorite coffee shop: Wilde Roast Cafe. Then a few hours at a yarn shop called Bella Lana, knitting a baby hat while chatting with my friend A and her daughter about feminism and racial diversity. It felt good to be productive and it felt good to be with friends who were concerned and sympathetic to my gestational woes. Also, I got an opportunity to be showered and dressed, and away from the house. BTW, the green knitted piece is an earflap for the baby hat and the pattern is from here.


  1. Knitting always is so relaxing. My friend & I try to make a point to get together one afternoon a week for coffee & some knitting.

  2. That sounds wonderful, Kat! I need to make this a regular occurance in my life. Coffee and knitting. Yum and Yum!


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