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10 Lights at Bella Lana

My friend Anise tells this story of how she discovered Bella Lana located in Minneapolis. Her twin sister Denise was ill and (I think) in and out of the hospital. Anise was helping all that she could but it was a down and depressing time for her. She noticed the bright lights in this store and decided to stop, not even knowing what sort of store it was. She discovered it was a yarn shop and began knitting that very day. She hasn't stopped since! And her knitting projects are amazing.

The store is painted white on the walls and the floor. The ceiling of both rooms are totally filled with this white lanterns, thus no shadows anywhere. The walls are filled with all sorts of yarns, most of which are bright colors. Everytime I stop into this store there are women gathered around a table knitting. Today, the table was totally full with perhaps 8, maybe 10, women. I love that!

Cornelia, one of the owners, is a knitting diva. I stop in whenever I have a problem that needs fixing. I put in an hour's worth of change into the parking meter, but she's done fixing in three minutes. I stay and get my knitting therapy for the remainder of the time.

The SOOC image is very yellow, no doubt, having something to do with white balance. So, I fidgeted a little and settled with this sort of sepia look to the image. It was the best I could do.


  1. It is a very beautiful shop & really its been much too long since I've been there

  2. Thanks Manisha! I love Bella Lana. It has been my therapy. I'm so happy that you like it as much as I do.


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