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11 - Fast Food Guide

I readily admit that the picture in the middle is appealing to me. Give me a burger and I will devour it. The picture on the right side of the pizza - heck, just looking at gives me heartburn. We make our own pizzas on Friday nights, although we do buy the crust. Gonna have to switch to whole wheat. But, the picture on the left of the hot dog? Give me a break!

Fast food guide for pregnancy? I realize that there are women who don't have easy access to a grocery store, nor the budget to afford healthy foods. But, it seems to me that the healthier items at fast food joint are usually not on the $1 menu.

I had to get a picture here just to prove to you all that I'm not making this stuff up!


  1. It shocks me too but I guess we have to realize a lot of people aren't as committed to eating like we are...though it would have been nice if your class had talked about better eating than fast food

  2. That's exactly it, Kat. I talked to my doctor this morning and she told me to throw out all that shocking material. She said I would surprised at how many women don't take care of themselves and continue to eat tons of fast food during their pregnancies. This experience has me thinking about organizing "healthy eating during pregnancy" classes at the Co-op. Personally, this experience has been beneficial in that I'm thinking abour carbs and food combinations much differently. Hopefully this will allow me to lose the weight more quickly after Baby comes.

    Thanks for leaving so many comments, Kat!!!


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