Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

14 - snacktime

This is my afternoon snack. Cottage cheese and red grapes from Chile. Chilean red grapes. Even if I don't like the idea of where they come from in terms of the distance they have traveled, I do still like saying it: Chilean Red Grapes. It surprises me how satisfying the snack is.

I think I'm getting used to this new diet that regulates my blood sugars. It is low-carb and on a schedule. I've learned that if I want a treat, I can do this at snack times. Generally I do this after I've checked my blood sugar two-hours after my dinner meal. I do think my body has worked out the bad stuff in that I do feel a dramatic difference if I eat something that I "shouldn't." Yesterday I was super hungry, had worked out so I knew I could have a piece of oatnut bread with peanut butter. I was very conscious of the blood sugar drop an hour later.

My doctor wants me to take pills because my body has trouble processing any sort of carbs, including whole grain stuff. I'm going to try a week of no-carbs, or very low carbs before I start taking the pills. I'm very afraid the pills will cause low blood sugars. I don't want that. My own strategy is working quite well. I've been well within normal blood sugar ranges since dropping all carbs. And this included birthday dinner on D's b-day where I opted for a salad rather than a rice or noodle dish.