Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

A Decade in Review

Ok, so this is admittedly a little late as we are already almost a week into the next decade, but I've seen others do this and I thought, dang, I've had some major accomplishments and some major fuck-ups in the first decade of the millennium that all warrants a post. So, yah, here it is.

A decade in review:

* The Big D and I celebrated 15 years of marriage together, with one another, married to each other, for real. That seems like a really long time, yet, at the same time, the time has flown.

* We bought ourselves an ancient, ahem, classic Airstream trailer and created a retreat for ourselves in the woods of Wisconsin, out in the middle of nowhere and far away from the city. It used to be off the grid, but not anymore. And, it's probably the reason why we are still together.

* After ten years, I finally completed my doctorate. Dang, I had some serious doubts about that one happening. I gave birth to an ugly motherf--ker of a dissertation, but it was enough and the most important thing is that it is done. I never, ever have to use vacation time or a holiday time to work on that beast again. Unless, of course, I decide to submit it for publication, in other words, following through with an inquiry made by a German publisher that contacted me last Fall.

* I joined a CSA and have learned a lot about food production and feeling that much more connected to my ancestors in India who were farmers.

* I got my dream job at the University and created an advising program that provided serious, holistic help to incoming students from local communities of color. The program that I created was featured in the Star Tribune, MPR and many times in the College and University's publications.

* I got totally burnt out and walked out on my dream job a month after defending my dissertation. I seriously thought I would have no problem finding another job, but then the economy tanked and I haven't been working since that fuck-up, I mean, that event that was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

* We bought a Jeep, a long time dream for both of us. We decided to make the effort to see this beautiful country of ours and the Jeep enabled this decision.

* My knitting took on another meaningful and useful level of skill and accomplishment. Not to mention, the therapy.

* I made the switch to digital photography after shooting with my Pentax K1000 since buying it in 1986 when I was 14 years old. My photography took on another meaningful and useful level of skill and accomplishment.

* The Big D and I did our dream hike to Horseshoe Canyon and narrowly lived through the experience. I was contacted a few months later by National Geographic who is interested in using my film footage for a new series.

* I realized that my depression was actually not depression, but a deep feeling of loneliness. This was huge for me because this I can deal with it.

* I got knocked up and will begin the new decade with a new baby. I've put on 30 pounds already and still have two months to go.

* The Big D and I studied T'ai Chi and are mentally healthier for the effort.

* I got elected to the Board of Directors at the Eastside Food Co-op. I feel like I am finally finding a way to leverage my doctorate education to better my community, taking what I studied on a global level and applying it locally.

* So, I'm not making any money but at least I don't have any graduate school debt, however, I am still paying off my undergraduate debt. Nonetheless, I am blessed that the Big D supports me. I have loving and caring and responsible husband. We have a great house, small and within our budget and we are not in danger of losing it.

* After many ponderings about whether to leave Minnesota, I am please to say, here we still are! I love living in this state. Yes, sure I would like to travel around a bit more, but this will always be our homebase.

* I started cross-country skiing thus opening up the winter season for me. I get to go out into the woods during winter, imagine that!

* I started blogging.

* All in all, with major ups and downs, the last decade was good for me. I have found a way to live authentically and hope that I can enrich the lives of those around me and provide for my family in terms of their health and spiritual needs. Amen and Blessed Be. Heck, I'll even through in a Hari Krishna!