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35 - stretchy baby hat

After a much needed day in, I finished this cute little baby hat. It's for the son of my second cousin - I think I've got that right. The process would have gone a lot quicker if I hadn't had so many false starts. I had to knit this on double-pointed needles. This was also my first time using a stretchy yarn that has elastic in it: Cascade Yarns Fixation. This yarn is apparently great for baby hats because the stretchiness of it makes it more difficult for the baby to pull the hat off. Love the cute I-cord on top!

The pattern comes from soft + simple knits for little ones, written by Heidi Boyd and the pattern is called Stretchy I-Cord Hats.


  1. Very cute hat. I love knitting on double points (I know i'm crazy). I find fixation is also really good for socks.

  2. This hat is so cute I love it! Well done.


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