Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Holy craziness!

I have joined so many committees since being elected to the Board of Directors at my local co-op. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed, but the good thing is that most all of the meetings are productive and interesting meetings. I'm involved in committees that cover a wide range of topics and issues:

Community Engagement Committee
Member Linkage Committee
Spring Ponder Committee
Movie Night Committee

OK, now that I've listed them, I see that it is only four committees, but it sure seems like a lot lately.

I'm in the last month of my pregnancy and so, fatigue has set in.

And, yet, I want to start a quilt. I want to sew a couple of diaper bags.

I need to start thinking about starting seeds.

Not to mention packing my hospital bag, hanging cranes from the ceiling in Baby's room, hanging all the photos and room decorations in Baby's room and the living room (which we took down when we had the floors re-finished in September), re-painting the bedroom and rearranging the furniture in our bedroom.

So much to do!

Then, I look at my knitting and want to just sit and knit for a few hours. And then, there is the stack of over a dozen knitting books from which I need to photocopy the patterns I plan to knit in the future. I have to pack and mail out the teddy and hat for my cousin's newborn.

I have to write up my birth plan. I have to choose my in-labor outfit.

I have to work-out.

What's for lunch?

What's for dinner?

I have vacuum.

February is supposed to be the best month, perhaps for the entire decade! Craziness. I wonder if I'm going to have enough energy for it all.


  1. Giggling here....you make me tired just reading all this. However do you do it?

    I like the sound of the Spring Ponder committee.....sounds just the place for someone who likes to 'muse'...lol

    Make sure in amongst all the crazy time you factor in some rest lovely one. That's not a suggestion btw!!

    love and hugs xxx

  2. don't forget to rest & enjoy this last little bit of time before the baby arrives


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