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Quick Knit Project: Baby Pod

Yesterday I had the blues and so I grabbed my new knit pattern and headed to my local yarn shop: Crafty Planet. I don't know why I had the blues. Was it the baby blues? I'm not sure. I guess I thought that life would have resumed a bit by this point, nearly two weeks after Baby came into the world. I mean resumed in the sense of being able to go out for breakfast, maybe even drink a dark beer. But, she's so little that I get a little nervous about taking her out amongst people that may be ill. I get worried that even a little bit of beer in my breast milk may be too much for her little body. The Big D says I shouldn't worry so much and so, today we are going to go out for dinner. Maybe.

Anyway, yesterday got much better after visiting my local yarn shop. Over the last eight months of pregnancy, I've been looking at pro photography websites trying to get ideas for baby/newborn photoshoots. I discovered on Etsy a knitting pattern for a baby pod, a baby cocoon pattern. Suddenly, my two life-saving hobbies came together in one great, elegant moment!

I chose a blue, bulky yarn in order to emphasize the blue of her eyes, but she didn't cooperate. That's OK because the blue looks good in B&W.

Ahhh. Knitting and Photography - both to me are necessary and essential therapy. Throw a baby into the mix and I'm back to my bliss.


  1. That is totally sweet, she is so tiny

  2. That is totally sweet, she is so tiny

  3. Oh my goodness...too cute! It's official: I must learn to knit.

  4. You are so creative!!


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