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So can you.

barking bird art

I received this print from a Co-op Board Member and it is my favorite baby gift! The artist is her daughter-in-law and when I went to her site on Etsy, I fell in love with all the prints!

barking bird art

I've come to realize that people around these parts go nuts shopping for a baby. Women and men. We got so many things. We are set for at least a year (And, it may take me that long to get all those thank-you notes out, too). We even got practical stuff like diapers and wipes and such.

But, that print of Elephants in Love is the best! The print I received has a greenish background as opposed to the gray that is shown in this picture.

When I get a chance I'm going to have to get Bird on Electric Guitar:

My favorite is Meditating Owl. It's going to hard to choose between the two. I might just end of covering the whole baby room with these prints!

And, then there's Birds on a Roadtrip. And Hiking Bird. And Gardening Owl. And, of course, Crafty Owl. Who can resist Owl Thinking Happy Thoughts?!? Oh, and, Pig with 35mm Camera? Big sigh of love.

So many to choose from! How can I possible decide on just one?


  1. I have found so much amazing art on Etsy. I have to stop myself from buying it all


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