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Major Mommy No-No

Me: frazzled. No sleep because the Pumpkin was up every two hours during the night for a feeding. Doctor's appointment for the pumpkin at 7:45 in the freakin morning.

Me: finally getting out of bed at 7:15. Feed the Pumpkin. Brush teeth. Throw on some clothes and a hat to cover crappy hair.

Big D: steps in with changing the Pumpkin's clothes, strapping her into the car seat, warming up the Jeep.

Me: driving to the doctor's office, shedding a few tears of exhaustion, pulling myself together as the morning sun warms my body.

Me: getting out of the driver's-side door, locking door, shutting door.

Me: locking the Pumpkin in the Jeep.

Morning: FAIL!

Yes, that's right, folks. I locked my precious Pumpkin Pie in the Jeep. I had to call on Big D to drive over the doctor's office and open the Jeep doors.

That's what I call taking the "OM" right out of Mom.


  1. Oh, I bet you'll get a lot of people telling you similar things happened to them. When my mom was in bed after just having my sister my dad had to go to the store to get some things. He took me but totally forgot my brother who was just 1. Just left him at home alone. My dad said he forgot he had 3 kids.

  2. Oh lovely one...kat's right, it really does happen to lots of people. Can imagine how it made you feel in the moment though. HUGE hugs, and much love. xxx

  3. Once I walked out the door without pants on (or any underwear) -- I was under stress from my stats class, but had still had a good night's sleep. Considering that sleep deprivation is a HUGE factor in conducting yourself with any kind of success, I think you can go a little easier on ya-self with this one. All's well that ends well, right? Hugs from Down Here in The Land O'Lincoln.

  4. I too have done this! And my son was 3 years old. I slipped out with my 35 mm to get a great shot of a frozen waterfall and branches! He was upset until the police came to unlock him - he got a badge and stickers - me... I needed a valium! Hang in there... you are a natural!


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