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So can you.

The Punky Pumpkin

Dear Little Pumpkin Pie,

It's been three weeks since we brought you home. And last night, we laughed together as a family like never before. Yes, you were smiling but I highly doubt that you realized it was you that we were laughing about. It's the first time in three weeks that your Daddy and I have laughed so much, we were giddy, smiling all night.

We laughed because of this:

We gave you a bath last night and your hair was all curly from the bath. Then, your daddy combed it and it got all frizzy and stuck straight up. You looked crazy. A cute crazy, yes, but crazy nonetheless. I laughed out loud every time I went to grab you to feed you because I would see that crazy hair again.

One day you will take over grooming your hair and we will never be able to get away with this again. So, last night we vowed to do this as much as possible while we still have the chance. It makes us laugh and believe me, we need more things like that right now in our lives.

I say you look like a troll doll. Your daddy thinks you look like that muppet from the Muppet Show that blows up bombs.

Maybe you did know what was going and you knew that we were laughing at you, because here in this picture, you look like you are trying to hide in the blanket.

Keep em coming, Pumpkin, because we need the laughs!

Me, your mommy.


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