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I thought I saw a tweety bird

The other day I walked out to my postage-stamp backyard and thought I heard a large tweety bird. The sound was loud and echoed, filling the whole yard.

I didn't just think I heard this bird. I knew I heard this bird. There was no denying there was a very, very large bird nearby.

It took me a while to figure where this sound was coming from. Can you see it?

There it is - in my clothes line pole! Not so large now that I could see it. I had to run back into the house to get my zoom lens.

There she was, tweeting away. The old fashioned kind of tweeting that did not require a keyboard or abbreviated spellings.

This bird was mightily, loudly tweeting away and she was ticked that I caught sight of her. But, she let me get a little bit closer...

And a little bit more close...oh dear, she finally got sick of me looking at her.

Can you see her giving me the stink eye? She thinking go away, leave me and this pole alone. Can't you see I've got things to do, tweets to send through this pole!

When I didn't move away, she'd had enough. She took one last look at me looking at her and she took off. She was gone, speeding down the tube and flying out the other end.

I sure hope she comes back again.


  1. We so enjoy listening to the singing birds this spring. I think yours has found a cozy little home.

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed that she could fit in there. Life sure is able to find a way isn't it?


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