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Letters to the Baby Lotus Bud: Month Two

Dearest Little Lotus Bud, Miss Bright Eyes!

You and me, girl! We're out and about and I'm getting my workout. Seriously, I've lost a few pounds since we hit the town. Carrying you around in your car seat works my muscles and that's just from carrying you from the Jeep to the shopping cart. But also, there's the lifting you into and out of the Jeep. Two months since you were born and I'm almost at my pre-pregnancy weight. Woo-hoo!

And you, my dear, are getting more chubby. You're just about 9 pounds now, almost four pounds more than you were when you came out of my belly! And, yet, you are still in the 10 percentile that means that only ten percent of the babies your age are this size. You seem real tall though, growing out of your clothes that are too short for you. That would be real funny if you grew to be taller than both me and your daddy! Your daddy's big brothers and his father are all over six feet tall. My father's sisters are also real tall. It could happen.

You cheeky monkey. I want to get this letter done and now you're crying. You sure are a demanding little girl. I hope you keep up this habit so that when you are older you will be demanding with your partner, or your legislator, or anyone else that crosses your path.

I took you to a big meeting this week. I love taking you around with me. It makes me feel like a rock star. I like that you were at this meeting at the Co-op, getting you started early. I like to think of myself as a community organizer and having you along gives me courage. I digitized the meeting which was on transit planning and all along I kept thinking how great that will be when you're hanging on my hip while I'm filming. I want you to be socially conscious when you grow older. I want you to think about helping your community and I like to think that taking you to these meeting right now will somehow put these ideals on the forefront of your worldview.

Lately you've been smiling a lot. Smiling a lot at men. My father had you cracking up and he wasn't even doing that much! That was more than just a little disturbing to me. Why did you like him so much, I wonder?

When you are sleeping, I wonder what you are dreaming about. Is it my boob, your milk supply? Are you dreaming about the stars and the universe? Have you dreamt up the solution to global warming? Whatever it is, it sure seems good.

You don't sleep as much any more. We had eight weeks of pure luxury, thinking that you were an easy baby, because you slept something like 20 hours a day. Now you rarely go down during the day and we've gotta find ways to entertain you. You sleep pretty good through the night and I'm finding different ways to nurse you. Your daddy calls it "lazy feeding" when I lay you right next to me and let you fall asleep with my nipple in your mouth. Soon, we're going to try moving you into your crib. But, I just know I'm going to miss you sleeping in the bassinet next to us. Usually in the early morning hours, we bring you right in between us. You stretch your arms up just like your daddy and my heart melts to see the similarities.

So, here's something you might not want me to say to the world: You haven't pooped in days. Last week was probably the healthiest week of eating since before I gave birth to you. Apparently, babies like you can go a whole week without pooping, so I'm hoping it's because we ate so healthy and you digested all that milk very efficiently. Then today we ate some onion rings and your daddy suggested that maybe this will help you poop. And, sure enough, you pooped. Yeah! You pooped!

Sorry, Baby, I just had to share this...

My precious little Lotus Bud. I love you.

from me, your Mommy.


  1. Oh lovely one...Little Lotus Bud is truly enchanting...as are your letters to her! Please think about saving them all somewhere for her for when she grows up....just imagine how you'd have felt as an adult if you were reading such letters from your own mother.

    It sounds like you're doing an incredible job with her...which I never ever doubted you would. You rock little Mama!

    love and hugs xxx

  2. I just love reading these notes...

    ((big hugs))


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