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The River Rises Again

Last year I wrote about the St. Croix River rising up due to the spring melt of snow and ice. You can read about it here. Last year I mentioned that the water was at record heights. This is a picture from last year.

We went back to Stillwater this year just last Sunday. The St. Croix river had risen so high the week before that they had to shut down the lift bridge. It was open again when we went there, but here in this picture you can see the water is considerably higher than last year.

Last year.

This year.

Last year.

This year. In this picture you can see that the cement sidewalk markers (in picture above) are not even visible. They are completely covered in water.

Much of the area by the river was blocked off. Much of the parking lot right next to the river was also blocked off. And the exposed grass on the river bank had debris lines from the water had risen, then receded.

I remember walking down those steps and taking pictures last year. This year I would have had to swim over because the water was that deep.

It seems that communities in Minnesota that annually effected by the spring melt and subsequent river rise were more prepared. And, that's a good thing, because this year the rivers rose higher and faster.


  1. wow & yet they are still taking drought because of the lake of rain & snow since march

  2. I know, Kat! Isn't that crazy that the rivers are so high yet there is drought in the region. I think the snow and ice melted too quickly this year.


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