Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

For the Father of My Child

This day is for you - Big D, my life partner of over 16 years, the man that has stood by me through my craziness, the father of my child.

I would say that I love and adore you but that's sounds way too sappy and totally inappropriate for the thanks and praise I feel for you everyday. That sappiness sounds like the unknowing idealistic crap I spewed back in 1994 right after we were married. That was a time when I had no idea how much hell I would put you through, a time when I had no idea how much hell I could muster up. Through it all, you stuck by me, you didn't leave me.

Looking back at it all, I readily admit we had a fun marriage. That couldn't have happened if it wasn't for you. You always came through and provided the environment for fun. Sometimes I would fill that space with exciting adventurous opportunities. At other times, I would fill that space with murderous, screaming mania. Yet, you stuck with me and so I declare that the fun we have had in our marriage - despite the fact that much of it was my idea - was made possible by you. Your patience, your strength, you open-mind, your willingness to continue in spite of me.

But, here we are after 16 years and you continue to astound me. You are the greatest father that ever lived. I swear it! You love that little girl so much and you teach me how to love her, too. You hold this family together.

You go to work every single freaking day of the workweek and you come home and take over that baby. I KNOW I couldn't do that. Seriously, I couldn't and I believe your level of commitment is fueled by superhuman powers.

You take the time to put her to bed every night, while I drink a beer. You let me be off the hook. I love that. Besides I can't put her to bed anyway, what with the smell of milk wafting from my nipples. That aroma is too much for her, it keeps her awake. But, you took over the responsibility of putting her to bed before we learned how enticing my breasts smelled. And, I know you are tired. You do it and you do it really well!

I love you. We both love you. We thank you for being the kind and loving and cool and groovy Husband and Father that you are.

Happy Father's Day!

Love from you girls...Me and the Baby Lotus Bud.