Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Friday. Fail.

I've been trying to post for weeks now. Today, I decided I HAD to get it done, along with some Co-op Board work. And, this is how my day goes:

A friend was supposed to visit at 10:00. I get up, get dressed, eat a quick bowl of oatmeal. I wake the Baby Lotus Bud who probably would have slept until 11:00 if I'd let her. I change and feed her.

10:45 and no friend. Call friend and find that she forgot.

11:00. Check email and then head into kitchen to keep my eye on the alley because of the young punks stealing bikes in the neighborhood. Baby cries. Pick up Baby. Want to return emails but alternating wails and smiles from Baby make this task impossible. Fail.

12:00 Baby should be sleeping and is not. Feed Baby.

12:30 Fix bowl of soup, sit down start Board work, can't get access to notes. Fail.

12:45 Almost got Baby to sleep, but no go.

12:50 Cat pukes in hallway. Put down Baby to clean cat puke.

1:00 Try to download pictures and video footage with wailing Baby in my arms. The Baby who is now overtired and can't get to sleep.

1:10 Try out new sling for Baby. Fail

1:20 Try out Moby wrap for Baby. Fail.

1:30 Baby sleeping with her favorite radio station on - Static 98.1

1:35 Should I post? Should I eat? Should I process photos and video?

1:40 Do none of these and write a post about all those things I wanted to do but couldn't. Win! At least I got this therapy in!

So, Friday, mostly Fail. But it's not over yet.

Screw it...maybe I'll just go take a nap...


  1. Oh lovely one...definitely, definitely NOT fail. Life with a new baby is busy, unpredictable and often hard. Having someone so dependent on you all the time means you rarely get a break, and almost never enough sleep. From what I can see from what you've shared with us you're doing an incredible job. Wish I was close so I could offer some practical help, but hopefully a cyber-cuddle helps just a bit.

    lots of love and hugs xxx

  2. Thanks for the warm cyber-cuddle, Elle! It means a lot to me to read your kind words!

  3. Moby wrap was a fail, eh? I'm torn about what wraps/carriers/stroller. actually, I know which stroller I want but now I'm wondering how much I need it. Do you use your stroller a lot? As for the wrap/carrier, I figure I'll be trying several before I settle on the one that baby is happy in. Aagh! So much to do and get.

    As for fails - nope...no fails! You are doing an excellent job being a mommy.

  4. Hi Lani,

    Moby wrap is fine today. I turned her around in it so she is facing away from my chest. She can hold her head up better these days. I'm thinking about getting a carrier for when she is bigger, but I can't justify buying the $100 one that I want right now. My doula said to always try these things again, so today moby wrap is fine and in fact, she is sleeping in it while I'm typing this comment!

    Stroller: I love the new stroller we bought. It's different from the front-facing one I shared a picture of a while back. It is a rear-facing Jeep universal stroller which means we can strap the car seat right into it. I liked this much better than the travel systems that are car seat plus stroller combo. This one is lightweight, only $50 (had coupon). It rocks!! I love it. I go everywhere with it now. I walk to the library, I walk to pick up our CSA, etc. I highly recommend this particular one. Great price and it is not bulky!

    Also, if she falls asleep in it, we judt pull the car seat off and let her sleep rather than having to remove her from stroller and waking her up.

    Don't worry about all that needs to be done. Your baby will be sleeping a lot in the beginning. I was not ready when my baby came because she was so early, but it all seems to have worked out!

    Thanks for all the encouragement!


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