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Letters to the Baby Lotus Bud: Month Four

Dear Little Lotus Bud,

You've been here on earth 16 weeks. I can hardly believe it and I am still amazed that you are here. Every month you are with us gets a little easier and a little tougher in new and different ways.

For example, you are a lot more fun to hang out with, a lot more alert and a lot more aware of your surroundings. But that also means you know when we are in the room and you will cry to get our attention.

Do you know that when you Daddy comes home every day the first thing he wants to do is to read you a book? It's sweet how you will follow along and totally pay attention to the page and the changes in his book. I think both of us have memorized your favorite book by Dr. Seuss My Many Colored Days.

That's not book that's here in the picture. We have a lot of books that we don't like to read so it's good that we've found a few favorites. Some books are too long, some books have sad stories, some are just plain dumb. There is this one about oil spills that is rather long to read but so appropriate for this year. There is a huge oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, just south of us, all the way down on the other side of the Mississippi River. And even if you don't know what oil is, or what a river or a gulf is, our hope is that you will absorb this information and someday work towards cleaning our planet. It's sad that this is the work for your generation to do - to clean up all the messes. People right now just keep messing up the planet. They don't learn from their mistakes and that is so apparent reading a book to you that is about the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Your cousins live down in Florida and so they might be more directly affected by the oil disaster. Help them, if you can, Little Bud.

Speaking about cousins...those ones in Florida are from my side of the family and they will be coming later this month to meet you. But, you've got more cousins up here in Minnesota, the cousins that are on your Daddy's side of the family. Your Daddy doesn't get along with them so much. The only ones he really likes are the ones from Iowa.

We love you so much that we've had to make some changes in our lives. One of those big changes is our relationship with family members. We wanted you to meet you family so we headed a bit south to attend a cousins BBQ. Here they all are!

Your Mommy did not grow up with much family. Most of my extended family was in India while I was growing up. I had no cousins are aunties or grandparents around me. I want this for you! I want you to have a sense of place and belonging. I don't want you to grow up feeling like I did, a cultural orphan, a child disconnected from place, family, land, life.

It was great fun that day at the BBQ. Showing you off, listening to everyone fuss over you, watching your Daddy in action whenever you got cranky from all the grabbing and fondling.

Both your Grandma and Granny say that you are the most beautiful baby they've seen. But they might be a little biased. I definitely think that you are!

Have I mentioned that your poop smells like buttered popcorn? That made it difficult for me to eat the season's first ears of corn.

I think we finally got this wrap thing down. It sure makes it easier to get a little bit of work done with you all settled in the wrap. Although when I eat, crumbs fall on your head. Don't worry, if I don't eat it up, I'm sure to clean it up.

That's us, Little Lovey!

We took you to the local farmer's market this last weekend and it was fun. It rained and you seemed to not mind at all. Your Granny was appalled that her little baby got rained on. I hope you like precipitation as much as I do. Minnesota has got all kinds of precipitation. Minnesota has lots of great things like the farmer's market and parks and lakes.

I can't wait to share all of this goodness with you!

Love from me, your Mommy.


  1. Adorable! My husband is familiar with your blog because I've mentioned it to him but today he finally saw pictures and agrees that your little girl is absolutely beautiful! So precious!

  2. She is so beautiful. Your family gathering looked friendly and fun. My son and I had some favorite books. I particularly loved Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak and we loved Dr. Suess. We loved Goodnight Moon, Curious George, The Jungle Book....

    Oh! And we just loved Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day...It was something we could both relate to. When we had a hard day, we'd get it out and the ending always comforted us both.

    Judith Viorst has some really great books that deal with modern emotional topics. Very good books.

    I think that sharing books was my favorite part of my son's childhood. I still love to do that with him.

  3. I know I say this each time, so I hope you will forgive the repetition, but I'm always struck by how beautiful and special these letters to Lotus Bud are. Thank you for sharing both them and the photos with us. She really is gorgeous!

    love and hugs xxx


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