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Lotus List Item #21: Drink 50 Microbrews

I started working on my Lotus List last night but silly, silly, me, I did not bring my camera along. I had to use the camera on my phone and needless to say, the pictures sucked, or maybe it was that I had two of these beers. Nooo, I took this picture before I had a sip of the beer.

Lift Bridge: Farm Girl Saison

It wasn't until today that I realized that this beer is brewed in Stillwater, MN. Everyone at the table last night was saying it must be Duluth because they have a few very fine breweries up there, but no, this one is from Stillwater. I'm so glad I inadvertently chose a local, closer to my home brewery.

It was yummy, golden beer. So yummy that I had two.

Last night was the first time I've been out drinking two beers since May 2009. It felt good to be hanging with a great group of adults! It was a great start on my Lotus List!


  1. We thought the same thing about Liftbridge. Matt loves their Crosscut. I've been thinking of starting a Life LIst too. Do you read Mighty Girl?

  2. Hi Kat - I haven't tried Crosscut. Maybe that will be the next microbrew. I got the life list idea from Karen who, I think, got it from Mighty Girl. I'll check it out today cuz there's a link from your site, right?

    Do the life list! It really was transformative!


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