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Panties for Tina

The dolly is coming together rather quickly. I've moved on to clothing for Tina, starting with the panties. I really like saying panties. I'm also going to make a V neck top and a skirt. I'm learning some new stitches such as the moss stitch which is really quite easy and simple with pretty results.

I have to admit that I'm stumped when it comes to attaching hair. The directions in the book are good, but they always seem a little lacking for someone that is relatively new to knitting something other than a scarf. I'm going to wait until Cornelia from Bella Lana is back from her trip to Ireland so that I can get her help. $11 yarn cannot be wasted on inexperience.

And the eyes? I want so much to do this right. I want to sew almond shaped eyes like those of my precious Lotus Bud. I'll probably put that off for quite a while too.

Officially, yes, I've gone ahead and named the dolly Tina. Lotus Bud can change it later if she wants to, but Tina is Tina to me.


  1. Knitting doll clothes is so much fun, you get such quick satisfaction compared to real people clothes

  2. I finally got caught up on reading your blog and I enjoyed every entry. You make me smile!


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