Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Resistance is futile and in this case, unappetizing.

Baby's sleeping and I'm sitting here munching away on carrots and chips.

This is the era of packaged baby carrots. I actually believed they were "baby carrots." I sure was disappointed to find that these packaged baby carrots are real adult carrots whittled down to look like babies. What do they do with the whittled parts, I wonder?

I still buy them. I admit it, openly, freely. They are an easy snack, especially tasty with some hummus. Sometime these carrots, some whole grain tortilla chips, both dipped in hummus, will be my lunch, on those days when Baby is cute but cranky, mad and loud, howling and growling at every cloud...sorry, wandering into Dr. Seuss speak.

I guess vegetables in the produce section of a conventional grocery store is somewhat like wandering through a Suess book. Carrots who aren't babies made to look like babies, apples and cucumbers dipped in wax - Could you? Would you? With some wax? And fruit shipped from crazy-far locations by planes, trains and boats - Could you? Would you? On a train?. Get what I mean?

Anyway, so when I got carrots in a CSA box, I was delighted to have the green leafy tops. Curly and bright. Who could resist? Well, actually, most everyone I know, myself included for most of my life except one day this summer when I became intensely infatuated with veggie greens.

This summer, resistance to veggie greens is utterly futile.

Oh, beautiful, bright greens, I was scared to eat you, but I did.
I did?
I did.
I did!

This recipe for Tuscan Carrot Top Soup is so good, I've made it twice already!

You get a lot of greens with just a dozen or so carrots. So I froze what I had left.
Be sure to chop the carrot tops really good. The second time I made this soup, I got a little lazy. I pulled the carrot tops out of the freezer and lightly chopped them which means they didn't break apart so much in the soup. I'm left with this strange sensation of eating seaweed, another Suessical moment - Could you? Would you? In the sea?

Carrot tops are loaded with potassium, Vitamin K and chlorophyll with that last one being especially good for hindering the growth of tumors.

Let's face it. We, meaning the Big D and I, are getting older. I think it's appropriate to look at our diets as a pharmaceutical resource for disease prevention.

OK, gotta go. Next up - Greens eggs without the Ham.


  1. I've never eaten my carrot tops, this is awesome

  2. I hope you like them! And, I hope I get to read about your own adventure with carrot tops.


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