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So can you.

Weekend Fire - July

We are finally to the point in the season when wood ticks are no longer abundantly menacing. Wood ticks have the sign of evil on their backs. I'm serious. Take a look that next time you find one on your body. No, scratch that. Just chuck the thing away from you and remember I told you that they have the sign of evil on their backs.

Because wood ticks have lived out their seasonal existence (mostly), we have been able to go to our trailer more often.

And, the Baby Lotus Bud is in bed asleep by 8:00 every night. Having the rest of the night to myself feels mighty decadent!

I get to sit and think about my life and that I have a camera and a husband and time, blessed time to just nothing or everything.

I even remembered that I had a tripod. So, I whipped it out of the back of the Jeep and set up next to fire and just fooled around for a hour and a half.

The Big D was playing his guitar and I took shot after shot at varying shutter speeds, counting out one thousands while sipping a beer. Talk about multi-tasking. Ever tried to count out one thousands while gulping a liquid at an entirely different pace. Not as easy as you would think.

Go ahead, try it sometime. I dare ya.

Look at this freaky shot with the Big D's hand! It made me think of the petroglyphs we saw at Horseshoe Canyon, the littler ones that were right under where the canyon wall fell, nearly crushing myself and my wonderful husband. Alright, so we were about 100 feet away. The point is, we could have been there. I mean there at the rock fall, not here at the fire pit.

I mean we were here at the fire pit. OK. Now I'm just confusing myself.

Cool, huh? I mean, hot, right?


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