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An Abundance of Garlic

I love garlic. I love a lot of garlic and I always, I mean always, add more garlic than any given recipe requires.

Just try to imagine the joy and love I felt when I saw this:

Ohhh, baby, I felt totally out of control. But, at $3 a bulb, I had to limit myself to two. I can't believe I walked away with only two!

I'll tell you about one thing I don't love - mosquitoes. They seem to not like me so much when I eat lots of garlic. Garlic keep mosquitoes away. Apparently, vampires, too.

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  1. I smiled about your love of garlic! : ) So cute. What is your favorite thing to add it to? Today I made the boys spinach for lunch to go along their toasted cheese sandwhiches. I added some garlic to the spinach, but they still wouldn't touch it. Darn it. : (

  2. Super shot.... Popping by via communal global...:-)

  3. The bulbs at our farmers market are huge this year

  4. Oh, I love garlic too! Beautiful shots.

  5. Thanks Ladies! I'm excited to be joining communal global!

    The garlic bulbs are indeed big and plentiful this year and I guess my favorite way to use garlic in this season is the saute green beans with lime and garlic. Yum!


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