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Book Club Mamas

Book Club Mamas

The book for August is Wide Sargasso Sea. I have read this book several times and it was also part of the reading list for my preliminary exams. Each time I've read it, I've really enjoyed it to the point where I'd rent the movie just to extend the experience a bit further.

This is why I have joined the Book Club Mamas. I want to interact with this community of artistic and holistic and authentic Mamas and this book gives me a good way to jump in.

This time around I've decided to read Jane Eyre as well. You would think as an English Ph.D. I would have read this already, but no. If you are not sure why this book is relevant to Wide Sargasso Sea then I guess you'll just have to come back to read the Lotus Review.

The review I will be sharing won't appear until later this month. I wanted to post this in case there are any others who want to join in. From what I've read at Holistic Mama's site, you don't have to be Mama to participate.

Come on! Join in! "There's always time for reading!"


  1. I've been reading a lot more lately....and finding it hugely enjoyable. I went through a time where because I read so much for work, reading became a chore rather than a pleasure.

    As someone who used to hide books behind other books in the library when I was about 8 years old, so that they'd be there when I got back, I missed the joy of it.

    Will definitely read the book review, and maybe try to pick up the book as its one I haven't read.

    love and hugs xxx


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