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Letters to the Baby Lotus Bud - Six Months!!

Dear Little Lotus Bud,

Six freakin, frackin, mother-sucking months you have been here on earth, outside my belly, inside my home, and in my heart! Everyday I look forward to seeing what new thing you will do and yet, I am so utterly heartbroken that you are no longer my tiny little peanut.

It seems that you've found your tongue. I think that means you will grow to be a female version of Gene Simmons fronting your own band.

I think I told you last month that most days your Daddy comes home from work and pulls out his guitar. Lately he's held his guitar close to your feet and you seem to kick tap to his music. Sometime you get so excited, he's got to pull back a little bit so that you don't bust his guitar with your precious little feet.

If your Daddy has any say in it, you'll be a musician. Or a snow boarder. Or a hockey player. If I have any say in it, you'll do whatever it is that you love and you will do it well, really well.

Last Friday we took you out to see a local band and you started shaking your rattle! This was a momentous occasion for your parents who spent most of their early dating life checking out local bands. Granted back then, we usually didn't hit the town until after 10:00 and there was a lot more beer involved with those nights. This time we went to see the band at 6:00 and we drank lots of water. It was still great and the musicians oohed and aahed over your incredible cuteness!

You did great for most of the evening but then when it came close to your bedtime, you got cranky and we had to take you home. That's quite all right, little one. I love that you are sleeping through the night now.

You see? We are finally finding ways to fit you into our life. There are adjustments to be made every single day, but we're slowly figuring it out. Life does seem to be resuming to something like before, but it just all seems better now that you are here.

That's you in our bed! Your eyes look blue! Everyone says that your eyes will change color and everyday I think you couldn't get any more perfect. And, yet, you do!

I already figured out that are the best yoga partner I've ever had.

Now I've come to realize that you are great motivator for tackling high hills. We've started working out together on a regular basis. I take you for a walk up the hill to the highest point of elevation in Minneapolis. Doesn't look like much here, does it? Believe me, the walk kicks my ass! And when I get to an unbearable burn I look to you for an encouraging smile. You keep me distracted from the burn and then before I know it, I'm up the hill and ready for the next one. Thanks for that, baby. Now if I would figure out how to use you when I working abs. I've got my own personal trainer now. You're my personal trainer and I'm your masseuse. I like that deal.

Everytime we go to yoga class I end of thinking about all those other babies. Lucy, Bella, Shannon (a boy), Edward, Sylvia, Julia - Yes, there is an Edward and a Bella in our yoga class. There is also Nina, Leessa, and Bennet. And there's Emerson, Addy and Ajoy. I think what an awesome generation to grow up with. You all have a lot of work to do to fix this planet that your parents and grandparents messed up.

Everytime I raise you into warrior pose - up, up, up, up - I think that's what you do for me. You raise me up, up, up, up. I want to be a better person so that I can be a good mother for you. Your generation is going to make everyone on this planet better. The future seems brighter and cleaner and more vibrant.

The days are passing way too fast for me. You are starting to sit up, although not quite on your own yet. You will be starting solids next week. I never thought I would miss the day when you stop getting all your sustenance from my breasts. Granted that day is still another (at least) six months off, but I'm already thinking the day is approaching must sooner than I want. My milk supply is really low and I know that there are times when you are really hungry. If that happens again, I promise I'll pick up some organic formula from the Co-op. But truthfully I'm hoping that it won't come to that because you will be starting solids so soon. I'm popping fenugreek capsules like a junkie.

Here's a memory I never want to forget: Early in the morning after you Daddy grabs you from your crib, he brings you to me so that you can drink from my breasts. You seem so sweet to me. I stroke your soft, soft cheeks and my heart melts with the intensity of love I feel for you. I want you to stay this age, a time when all your needs are met and all you have to do in life is be loved and look adorable. I never gave you permission to grow so quickly. I can't believe you are defying me already!

On July 28th, you started giggling. A hearty giggle that made you cheeks and shoulders shake. I was so thrilled I called your Daddy so that he could hear it, too. You giggled for at least fifteen minutes and I kept sneezing to keep you going. I guess you like it when I sneeze a high-pitched sneeze. That and "nom nom"s on your neck. You cheeky monkey!

Love, from Me, your Mommy.


  1. I love this. Love the pictures! She is so incredibly beautiful! I find this also very encouraging as these first 5 weeks with Emerson have been the most incredibly challenging time in my life. So, I'm happy to read that by 6 months things get easier. :)

    Things are getting better and she is more content these last few days but man, oh, man were there a lot of tears shed (by me and her) those first few weeks. I never imagined breastfeeding being this exhausting and difficult. But, we are getting by each day and now that she is happier, so is mommy.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Take care!

  2. Gosh she is just adorable! I loved that little chair and her little tongue sticking out...and wow, she's got a deep gaze doesn't she? *smiles* You sound happy.

  3. Oh my, your little rock chick is growing up soooo fast isn't she? Absolutely adorable!

    Hope you're well lovely one.

    love and hugs to you all xxx


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