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Letters to the Baby Lotus Bud: Eight Months

Listen hear Little Lotus Bud! You've got to stop growing up! Who gave you permission to grow so quickly? Huh? It sure as heck was not me.

Sure, it's cute, but did you have to go and learn how to do this?

All those babies in yoga class who are sitting up or on the verge of crawling are such bad influences on you! This is a lesson you should learn early on: Don't give into peer pressure. Just stay small and adorable and hug-able.

You are breaking my heart, little girl!

Pretty soon you are going to be insisting on feeding yourself and walking and talking. I can't stand it.

Someone just recently pointed out that this time of your life is fleeting. That's for damn sure! I just cannot believe you are already eight months old.

This last month you got smiley. It's so sweet to see you break into a smile. It's make each day easier and better and just so lovely. You smile at everything and everyone. Well, mostly everyone. I wonder if you've got your Dad's sense of judgement. He can sniff out a creep a mile away. When bad friendships of mine would end, he would always remind me that he'd seen those questionable qualities in that person the day he met them. You seem cautious and discerning like that. And, yet, you put on your best smile to most people we encounter, so that tells me the the world must be filled with a lot of good people. In return, you seem to bring out the best in others. I've never been treated so nice as when I'm out with you. I hope that people respond this warmly to you all the time. It's make for a much better life.

Life with you is now forever busy. You keep me busy with feeding you bottles of expressed milk, nursing you about seven times a day and feeding you solids twice a day. Who knew such a little baby could eat so much?

I steam and puree a couple of times a week because you go through it all so fast. You'll just keep on eating if I don't put a stop to it. And, then when you do eat too much, you look so tired and lethargic. Your belly gets big and round. I know that feeling. I've seen that look on my own face plenty of times. I hear that the pureed foods will be coming to an end soon. I hear that you might even start eating cereal bits on your own.

Peas and pears have become your regular evening meal. There is also multi-grain cereal mixed with the pears. And, there are all sorts of new songs involved: "All we are saying...is give peas a chance"; "All the peas are gone/Now there's only pears" (to the tune of California Dreaming). I know it's corny. Maybe someday I will regret writing this to you, but right now, it's all I've got and I'm hanging on it as tight as I can.

You keep me busy and I keep you busy with all our outings. Twice a month we are heading out with other Mamas and Babies to museums and such. This week the Minnesota Arboretum. We're still in yoga and will probably continue for at least ten more weeks. Next month we'll be starting swimming lessons. We go grocery shopping, we go to meetings, we go see your grandparents.

Your grandparents keep their house stocked with all kinds of friends. I swear each time we visit there are some more of these stuffed critters. You gather them all around you. It seem you want them all!

Autumn is here and it is my favorite season. It's interesting to think that you have yet to learn about seasons. I think you've noticed all the bright colors in the neighborhood. The changing leaves seem to fascinate you and eventually they end up in your mouth. What's with that, huh? You're trying to eat everything these days.

I had a first last month. I actually got to leave you for eight whole hours. I went on a Co-op Board retreat and your Daddy took care of you all afternoon and most of that evening. But, you were a stinker because you took a real long nap. Why don't you ever do that for me?

I have to admit that it felt real good to have some time to myself. You are so much more alert and awake these days and that makes it really difficult to get anything done. Some parents find DVDs for their little ones to watch. I've tried this and it doesn't work. Not that I would do this a lot. But, come on. If I could get just a half hour every two weeks, that would be such a relief. But, you are not into that and I suppose that's a good thing.

I do manage to get a few minutes of reading in. I sit you on your Dad's big chair and surround you with your own books. It keeps you occupied for a while and I sit right next to you with my book.

I admit I left you on the chair by yourself the other day and you managed to roll right off. Dang, that was a scary feeling when I heard the thud of your body hitting the floor. You didn't start crying until I picked you and within minutes you were smiling again. I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

What's my excuse for leaving you by yourself there on that chair? I was tired. Your Dad went out of town for a few days and I was just down right exhausted.

I learned all about texting this month. Yep, I'm a little behind the times but hey, at least I'm catching up. Give me a break! I just got the cellphone this year and when I realized I wasn't using my pre-paid minutes, I decided to give texting a try. Your Daddy and I text back and forth about you. When your Daddy was out of town, I sent him text pictures every day. Pictures with you holding up signs.

He's going to be take more time off during the last three months of this year. I could use the help. I hadn't imagined having you all to myself so often. Before you came, I worked on repairing and strengthening my relationship with both your Grandmothers in hopes of sharing some of the baby-watching-work. But, that hasn't materialized, the help I mean. Your Grandmothers and I are getting along just fine. Your Dad is going to take some time off and really, he sort of needs to because he has vacation days to use up.

Next month we're going to head up to the North Shore and hike up Oberg Mountain. In preparation for the trip we bought yet another baby carrier, this time an Ergo Carrier. It's one in which he can carry you on his back. We tried it the first time on Saturday when we took a walk through the wildflower and bird sanctuary. You seem to really like it!

I'm rambling when I really should be finishing this letter. Right now, you are off rollerblading with your Dad. Soon, it will be time to nurse you, then feed you solids, then bathtime and nursing again before putting you to bed at 8:00. It's not a schedule so much as it's a routine. It's seems to be working for you because you sleep eleven-twelve hours a night. Thank you so much for that Little Bud, I so appreciate that you are good sleeper!

Here are a few photos from today.

I can't believe how much you like hanging upside down. Apparently it's really good for realigning your spine; it's baby chiropactry

And, in case you wondering, no, we did not plan the fact that all our clothes match. But, we did take advantage of this situation.

I think it attests to us, as a family, being in harmony with the universe.

Today is 10/10/10 and you are eight months old. Every day I give thanks that you are in my life. Even when I'm tired and blue. I'm so happy to have you!

Love from me,
Your Mommy.


  1. You have a beautiful family!

    It's funny to read about your Baby Bud - Baby J was "Bud/Buderella" the whole time she was in my belly.


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