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Crafting an "N"

The Baby Lotus Bud's name begins with an "N". I haven't decided yet whether I want to put her name out here on the Internet, but I guess I can't hide a letter when I want to share my recent craft project.

Here's the pattern.

I made this very quickly on a Friday night. I had some stuffing leftover from some other toys I had made, so I decided to stuff it. The materials were very inexpensive - just under $10, with enough left for at least four more (but, I'd have to buy a bit more ribbon).

Lotus Bud loves to chew on the tags of her blankets, actually any tag she can get her hands on. I figured she'd like this and she does! Whew. Thank goodness.


  1. I love it! I'm currently at my parents' house. I may try this while I'm here! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope you'll share a picture when you are done, Lani. BTW, I didn't do the last stitch all around the letter. I just didn't feel like it. Now that I know that Lotus Bud loves her washcloths when she takes a bath, I might make another one that isn't stuffed.

  3. Thanks Kat! It was a wonderfully easy project. Let me know if you try the pattern some day.


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