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A Few of My Favorites

This week is post-holiday week and it is difficult not be sad. The snow has fallen and I do believe it is here to stay. Last week, the snow was a delight. Now, it is just cold and windy.

So, I will stay indoors today and dwell in the pictures from our trip last week which was magical, blissful and so relaxing.

Today, I share a few of my favorite images from our trip to Minnesota's North Shore. Later, I will post more details about our activities. Please stop again if you have the time!

Thanksgiving evening was spent with wine and jigsaw puzzle.

The Gales of November sent us a storm that got the waves crashing all night long. Although the sun set early, the sound of the waves kept us company and imagining the fury was not difficult.

The day before we had gone on a hike. We climbed Oberg Mountain and view from the top was beautiful.

The view was amazing and yet, I could sit and look at these two all day and be content. They both make me so happy! Even if they do have matching stink eyes.

Another day was spent in Grand Marais where it was sunny, but bitterly cold.

We have taken this trip many times before. This year traveling together as a family made for a very different sort of trip. In so many way, it was so much better as a family. We had many plans and yet managed to be spontaneous. The Baby Lotus Bud slowed us down in the most perfect way.

I can't remember a vacation that I enjoyed more than the one we had last week!

In addition to dwelling in the memories of our trip, I will travel the world today through Communal Global. It warms me to see all the goodness that's out there!


  1. Oh! I love your pretty sea scape. What a great picture. And I really adore your hiking partners. Just as cute as can be : )

  2. I love that sea shot! Gorgeous. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Love these photos! What a beautiful place you visited. That sea is amazing!

  4. Manisha, thanks for visiting my blog today. I really like your life's outlook/philosophy.
    Your photos are good too!
    Look forward to your future posts.

  5. Awesome photos!!

    I especially love the second and third photos... just beautiful!

    Thanks so much for joining us at Communal Global. =)

  6. Your little babe is so sweet! Sounds like a wonderful vacation:) Stopping by from Communal Global!

  7. These are amazing!! The baby is such a doll! He looks so cozy hiking right there next to his daddy! I ♥ it!

  8. Gorgeous photos! The wine/jigsaw combo is one of my favorite ways to spend a winter night - thanks for the reminder.

  9. Beautiful photos!!! Looks like a peaceful and happy time.

    I started knitting yesterday. Of course, I have a looonnng way to go and a lot of learning to do but I'm enjoying what I've learned so far. :)

  10. Becky - Thanks! my hiking partners are awesome!

    Ashley - Thanks! I should mention that the pictures were taken on Lake Superior, so technically not a sea.

    Angela - It is an amazing place especially when the waves are crashing.

    Jim - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll stop again!

    Hey BMama - I love Communal Global. Thanks for letting me participate.

    Cheerios - It was a great vacation!

    Maddy - Thanks! Although I should clarify that she is a she. That's OK though cuz I tend to dress her like a boy. :)

    Deonne - So very nice to see a comment from you here! I'm new to jogsaw puzzles and I had a blast that night!

    Lani! - That's so awesome that you are knitting. I knitted scarves for about ten years before venturing into anything more complicated.

  11. These were beautiful photos! We are expecting our first snow here this weekend. You are exactly right...fun for a day and then just plain cold. I love the stink eye photo! LOL!


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