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Iron Craft: Snakey Door Thingy

This week's Iron Craft challenge is to make a "draft dodger" or "door snake." I had this project in mind for a few weeks now and even had all the materials available. That's before this week's challenge was announced. While I adore the tips for a "door snake," since I already had the materials I had to stick with the less fun, less hip "draft dodger."

My version is such a plain Jane version that I almost didn't even want to blog about it. But there's this thing called committment and because of that I have to stay committed to blogging about this week's craft challenge. Besides I heard that it takes three weeks for habits to sink in and so I don't want to make a break in my crafting/blogging stride.

The supplies: fabric (clearance at the fabric store) and bags of beans (I bought cheap ones on sale at the local grocery store).

Here it is:

Pay no attention to the dust on the floor!


  1. Good for you for your commitment to doing the crafts & the blogging. I think its good to have weeks where the project is relatively easy, don't you.


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