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Letters to the Lotus Bud: Eleven Months

Little Lotus Bud,

I totally missed out on writing your letter last month. It was a crazy month, full of lots of things that needed to get done. On top of that, your Daddy was home from work for nearly half the month and when he's around there's no time to do those things that fit in our regular schedule. There are too many really fun things to do with him around and he doesn't get time off all that often so we have to make the most of it.

Also, I haven't taken many pictures lately. It's hard to catch you sitting still AND it's a cold, winter out there so there aren't too many places to shoot. I know these are just a bunch of excuses but the truth is winter hit hard here in Minnesota and it's not letting up, putting a damper on my mood and energy. You don't seem to mind the snow and cold. Look how you just fell asleep on a totally snowy day!

You've also started moving around. I always have to keep my eye on you now. You are everywhere and into every little thing, especially those things that you shouldn't be into like the power strip and the cat food bowls! It's fun to see you making your way around the world. You've got the army crawl down and it is so dang cute!

But, oh man, you've got a temper. I think that comes from me. You get so angry when I pull you away from something that you were playing with or simply don't want to let go! You're squirmy when we try to change your diaper and thank goodness you have a deep abiding love for your diaper rash cream tube or else there would be no diaper changes in this house.

Your Daddy and I got a membership at a local health club where they have a 90 degree swimming pool. Last month you got your first swimming certificate from lessons at a local high school and we've continued the swimming at the health club. You seem to love it. Truly! You even like your baths much more and seem to try to swim in the bath tub. In the pool, you hold on to my fingers and kick your legs like a froggy. It's amazing to see you take to the water and I hope you have that enthusiasm for all the different things we want to share with you!

That health club has two hours of free child care per day. Did you read that correctly? TWO HOURS OF FREE CHILD CARE! Wahoo! Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how liberating it feels to me to drop you off in that facility and head to the locker room for my workout! Mostly it's going good. There are some staff you really like and some you really detest.

We were members of that club years ago but it is a little bit of a drive for us, so we quit and joined a smaller one closer to us. Now we are back mainly for the pool and the family activities and that drive seems just long enough to put you to sleep. You nap on a regular basis now and I am so glad we didn't tussle over this issue because it seems to just have come naturally to you. I'm learning to be a Mama, you're teaching me to follow my instincts.

Christmas was interesting. I couldn't help but feel proud that you didn't trust this big white guy in the weird suit!

We spent Christmas Eve with your Daddy's family. You didn't quite get the concept of presents in terms of ripping the wrapping paper off, but you do seem to like the new toys. It's a good thing we got a few new things for you because you get bored with toys really fast and daily need new things to stimulate your interest.

Christmas was also the first time you ate from the adult table. That's been a worry of mine lately. I want you to be able to eat with us and move away from the pureed foods. But we don't usually have the energy to cook dinner until after you've gone to bed for the night. Now we're making a point to eat breakfast and lunch with you and I'm learning new tricks from other Mamas. Like the fact that I can cut up pieces of turkey for lunch and you'll eat them. And then you'll fall asleep for a good two hours! Bonus!

The pickle was the first food you grabbed and ate on your own. Now you've moved onto squash, avocado, bread and of course, turkey.

Our big Christmas present for you was a sled. It's a blast taking your around the neighborhood! You chatter away while we drag you over the snow on the city sidewalks. You always look so happy. We have to be careful to not let your cheeks get chapped because I think if it was up to you, you'd stay out there for a long, long time. We took you sledding on Christmas day and I can honestly say that was the best holiday I ever had.

On New Year's Eve I kept telling you that when you woke the next morning, it would be a whole new year. But I don't think you quite understood. That's OK. You slept all night, like every night and for that I am grateful.

So I'm going to end this letter with a few pictures I took of you for Christmas cards. Please don't hate me when you grow up for dressing you like this. You should know that I made the hat and added the feather trim to the red onesie. Even if you do hate it just know that I made it with love!

I can't believe that in a month you are going to a whole year old! You're growing up so fast. I already miss the tiny little peanut that you were.

Love from me, your Mommy


  1. GORGEOUS BABY!!! Love the glow in the last few photos. She looks so much bigger now! I kinda tear up reading your letters to her.


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