Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Lotus List Update: 1000 piece puzzle

Another item on my list is done! This one was an easy one and perhaps some would say finishing a 1000 piece puzzle is too simple of a goal for a Life List. But I am Lotus and this is MY LIST. And I'd never done a puzzle before. With Big D's help, I've now completed two!

We started the Yosemite puzzle the day after Thanksgiving. Still burning from the fact that we had to abandon a puzzle, unfinished at our vacation condo on the North Shore, we came home and immediately went out to buy another. We didn't complete it until Christmas Day. I admit we considered giving up, but got quite the boost from out neighbor who re-energized our enthusiasm.

We started the Taj Mahal puzzle on New Year's Eve. It was completed this last weekend. This one was much easier!

Puzzling is a good activity for us two, being new parents and all. We can sit with some wine and puzzle after the Baby Lotus Bud has fallen asleep. We talk, we listen to music, we stop for dinner and to refill our wine glasses. When we are puzzling, I don't feel like there is somewhere else I want to be and that's a very good thing.

Item #126 on the Lotus List complete!

I have a lot of catching up do on this list. In 2010 I completed several items on my list but I still have not had the chance to post about them. Stay tuned for more. And don't forget to make a list of your own!