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Iron Craft - (mostly) Green

This week's Iron Craft challenge was "Green." Not green as in environmental sustainability, but the color green. BUT, and there always seems to be a but, doesn't it? BUT, I did need a plastic bag holder in this house, specifically in the baby room (and as it turns out I need one at our Airstream retreat for similar reasons) and so, that is the saga of how my green color project ended up being a green, re-use project. We re-use plastic grocery bags for all the dirty diapers.

So, real quick because it's late and I've got lots to do tonight and we've (the baby and I) got have a really early morning tomorrow. So, real quick, here it is.

This was a good project for me because I had a skein of bamboo green yarn that I had picked up for 97 cents at the fabric store ready and waiting for me to knit up. Another good thing about this project is that I pulled out knitting needles from when I first started knitting so the whole time I was knitting I was thinking about those memories from years ago.

Yet another reason why this was a good project was that I got to use one of the knitting bags I made from last week's project to store my materials for this week's project.

And since my little Lotus Bud is like a daily tornado that hits my home, having a place to keep my project safe keeps me from storing my supplies in the basement to keep them safe from the tornado. She's so quick! You see the reason why I don't take many photos of her these days?

OK. Here is the pattern. I followed the pattern. Sort of. I didn't actually have the necessary needles and just made do with what I had. The pattern states that approximately 200 yards of yarn were needed for this project. I only had about 100 yards. I'm new to this whole "adapting the pattern for my own purposes" and thought that I would not have enough green yarn for this green challenge. I opted to start with purple and switched to green for the body of bag. Turns out I could have used green for the whole project because remember? I used different size needles, smaller needles to be specific.

Anyway, so it all worked out. The pattern suggested 10 inches, but I ended up doing more than 20 inches. And yet, the final product still wasn't big enough for all the freaking bags that I have. I have way too many bags.

Yep. Bag lady. That's me. Maybe I should change the name of this blog. Hmmmmm. Makes me wanna sing some Erika Badu.

OK. Gotta go. Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. Oh great project & way to get both definitions of green out there

  2. Hmmm! I have a lot of plastic bags as well that I use to hold soiled cloth diapers when out and about. i also use in the kitchen to tie stinky foods before throwing in the trash. All this to say, LOVE the idea of a plastic bag holder. I think I may adapt a crochet version of this!

  3. Brilliant!

    By the way, do you have any patterns or website recommendations for knitted flowers? I'm making Emerson a headband and I'd like to put a small flower on it. I've checked Ravelry.com and have a few patterns but didn't know if you had anything.

    Hope you are doing well! Love all your crafts that you post.


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